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Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th October 2022 Episode starts with Simar shouting Aarav ji as she searches for him worriedly. She thinks where he could go. Mayakshi keeps her head on Aarav’s shoulder. Aarav thanks her for the decoration.

Mayakshi asks him to propose her and tell what she means to him. Aarav says what did you say, and tells that he has no answer, how to tell what you means to me, I have no words, it is known to everyone what you means to me. Mayakshi says it is just an excuse. Aarav says I am saying truth.

Mayakshi says I want to hear from you, what you like about me. She says I want to hear everything from you, you can do this for me. Aarav smiles. Mayakshi thinks today Aarav will propose me, my wait will be over today. Simar is searching him. Aarav looks at Mayakshi and he sees Simar.

He asks will you marry me, will you become my lifepartner for all life. He takes out the ring from his finger and bends down on his knees, says I want to make you wear the ring with closed eyes, and when I open my eyes, I shall see just Simar. Mayakshi thinks my love story with Dev was incomplete due to Simar, and it is going to be completed this time. She forwards her hand to wear the ring. Just then Aarav hears Simar shouting, Aarav ji. He opens his eyes.

Mayakshi vanishes from there. Aarav sees Simar coming there. Simar comes near him and touches him. The magical spell goes away from Aarav’s head. He says you was here. Simar says no. He asks why I am holding the ring in my hand. Simar sees the decoration. Aarav says may be some of our family member have done this. Simar tells that she was near the temple when someone tried to kill her.

She says there is some danger here. They see reflection and get tensed. Reema, Vivaan, Reyansh, Kavya, Aditi and Gagan come there. Vivaan says may be we gate crashed their private party. Aditi says we shall attend it. Reema asks who has done this decoration. Vivaan says it is going to be 12 soon and claps. Aarav wishes happy anniversary to Simar and they cut the cake and make each other eat it.

They see Happy Anniversary in the sky. Vivaan says this is done by Reyansh. Reyansh thanks him. Vivaan asks Aarav to make Simar wear the ring. Mayakshi is standing outside and thinks it is for Aarav and me, for our special night. Aarav tells Simar that he wants to propose her today. He says I love you a lot, forever and ever, until these stars will be in the sky, I will love you immensely, Mrs. Simar Aarav Oswal.

Simar gets emotional. Everyone smiles. Oh Ranjhana plays…..Mayakshi thinks he had proposed me and now Simar. He tells the poetry depicting their love. Reyansh asks him to tell something young, like his type. Aarav says you are slow motion of my every video, is a warm blanket for me in cold, you are all time favorite kulfi malai. Reyansh asks him to tell more. Aarav says you are starting point, middle and end, my baby…I am your master and I am your slave. Simar gets shy. Aarav hugs her.

He asks will you marry me again, Simar. Will you become my lifepartner etc. Simar says yes, today, tomorrow and for all the births, I will be yours. She hugs him. Mahiya plays….Vivaan, Reema and others smile. Simar bends down on her knees and says our relation is of equality, so it is my turn to propose. She touches his feet and gets up. She says today I am speaking my heart, my heart is lightened with you, and my night is light up with you,

I pray that we shall be together always and asks if this Dilwala will bring his Dulhaniya’s baraat again. She turns shyly. He holds her hand and says this Dilwala will bring for his Dulhaniya in every birth. They all smile. Aarav makes Simar wear the ring, while everyone shower flower petals on them. Simar also makes him wear the ring. Aarav kisses her hand.

Some mantras are played in the background. Mayakshi fumes with anger. Simar kisses his hand. Aarav and Simar have a hug. Mayakshi says it is enough, their love story shall end right here. Kamakshi comes there and stops Mayakshi. Mayakshi says I will kill Simar now itself. Kamakshi asks her to wait till tomorrow, as tomorrow is everyone’s marriage. Mayakshi thinks tomorrow groom and bride will be there and will take rounds, but I will take rounds with Aarav. She says tomorrow your Aarav will become of Mayakshi for forever. Simar, Aarav and others do a group dance.

Next day, Aarav comes out of the bathroom in bathrobe. He thinks today is the special day, and recalls marrying her in the temple. He picks her sindoor and says I want to fill this sindoor in your maang, in every birth. He picks his sherwani and senses someone is there. His Sherwani button breaks and falls down. Mayakshi picks it from the floor.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar gets ready for her marriage. Rudra comes to Mansion playing dhol, Mayakshi and Kamakshi are also there. They are stunned to see Aarav and Simar looking like Dev and Damini, as they come downstairs for their marriage.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
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