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Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th July 2022 Episode starts with Aarav telling Ishita that if Aarav Oswal is invited then Simar Aarav Oswal is also invited. He says we are one, and I love and respect her from my heart. Ishita gets upset.

Maddy says he is an ideal husband, perfect. Aarav and Simar walk inside. Simar asks Aarav to ignore Ishita’s childishness. He says what does she think of herself. Simar tries to calm down his anger. They see the Ganapati idol there and fold their hands. Reyansh enters holding the placard Dulha.

Ishita sits in the palanquin. Everyone dances. Song plays….Reyansh dances and sings song. Ishita smiles.

Badimaa smiles. Vivaan, Aarav also dance with their wives. Ishita and Reyansh dance then, while everyone dances around them. Aarav and Simar are dancing. Maddy says we have to end this drama. Ishita says I have done some arrangements to handle Simar and now she will know what is the consequences to interfere in my wedding.

Maddy tells that he wants all the recording when tattoo is done on her hand. Badimaa asks Simar to go and ask them to start the mehendi. Simar goes to Ishita and says Badimaa asked you to start the mehendi rasam.

Ishita says I don’t like its smell and fade color after sometime. Simar says you have to apply mehendi for marriage. Ishita says I will decide and says I will get something unique and permanent and will give a twist to this wedding. She says I will get a tattoo, dragon tattoo with a fire sign. Badimaa hears and calls Ishita.

Reyansh is with his friends. They say you are great and asks him to accept the gift. They drink. Aarav is coming there. Friends praise him to get two girls. Reyansh tells that best part was to fool Simar bhabs, and tells that Kavya fooled her and did a good acting.

He says I was convinced for 2 seconds and says she freed me and trapped Simar bhabs. He says Simar came here, but is standing odd, she deserves this. He turns and sees Aarav standing and hearing him.

Badimaa tells Ishita that marriage can’t start without mehendi. Ishita says I want to get tattoo made. Badimaa asks what nonsense? Ishita says this tattoo will remain with me all life, and says dragon is power in Chinese culture. Badimaa asks Pallavi who gets animal tattoo for her marriage.

Ishita says that’s why I am doing this, this will become a trend. Badimaa says she will not bear anymore, you people are making fun of rituals. Pallavi says we are making the rituals modern, what is the big deal. Badimaa asks Pallavi to teach her daughter rather than lecturing her. Karan asks Pallavi to ask Ishita to agree and get the mehendi done. He asks tattoo guy to go. Simar tells Badimaa that she will talk to Ishita.

Ishita tells Pallavi that bride is forced with rituals in India. Simar asks her to get mehendi done now and tattoo later, as this is a fusion wedding. Badimaa appreciates Simar and tells that she needs to be present in the wedding. Ishita says ok fine. Pallavi says Ishu agrees soon. Badimaa asks Simar to bring mehendi. Ishita signs Maddy. Maddy nods ok and goes.

Aarav asks Reyansh, how dare you? He says how dare you to do party with your friends alone? Reyansh says I forgot to call you. Aarav asks did you say sorry to Simar from Ishita and your side. Reyansh says Simar bhabs shall apologize to me, as Kavya cleared the matter. Aarav says you can’t lie to me and says I know you didn’t mend your ways.

He says truth can be hidden, but it comes out eventually. He says you are my brother and my blood and asks him to mend his ways as marriage is a big commitment. Simar is bringing the mehendi. Maddy signs some girls to push her. The girls walk behind Simar and push her.

The mehendi bowl falls in air from her hand. Aarav holds her. Simar sees the mehendi about to fall down, she throws the banana leaves on the floor and the mehendi falls on it. She tells Badimaa that shagun mehendi is saved as she picks it. Badimaa says you are not just a bahu, but a suraksha kawach, always saves us from inauspicious happening. She says lets start mehendi rasam.

Simar applies mehendi to Ishita and says if mehendi rasam start with husband’s name then it is auspicious. Ishita says this is enough, let professional apply mehendi to me.

Reema is taking her selfie. Rudra comes there and takes her mobile. She asks if she can’t take the selfie. He says there shall be team behind her, so that they can take your pics for the cover page, as this is Namit Malhotra’s lehenga. Reema asks if you are saying that I will feature on your magazine cover.

She gets happy and is about to hug him and stops, says sorry. He asks his team to start. Rudra looks at her. Reema also looks at him. Rudra takes her pics. The guests talk that marriage is of Ishita, but bhabhi is enjoying and the photographer is smitten by her. Vivaan hears them. He goes to stage and asks Reema to just chill, and says this is not your wedding. He says family members are doing the rasams there.

Reema asks him to let her live her life and asks if he is husband or instruction box. He asks what are you saying? She says you knows well that I like to be on camera. He says people are gossiping about you. Reema says I can’t leave my life due to some people. She says you are coming between me and my life. Vivaan looks at Rudra. Reema says she will do her photoshoot and will come, and asks him not to disturb her. Rudra asks shall we start? Reema nods yes and smiles.

Simar is standing alone. Indu comes there and says I don’t like whatever that girl said. Simar says she is going to be my dewrani, badimaa trusts me and that is important. Indu worries for Simar. Simar says everything is fine and asks her not to worry. She asks her to go and taste gol gappa and aloo tikki.

Indu asks her to come. Simar says she will have it later and asks her to go. Vivaan comes there. Simar asks if everything is fine? Vivaan asks if you are feeling lonely like me, like we don’t belong here, this place is not for us. She says yes, but I have different reason. She asks why is he feeling this way?

Vivaan says I get happy seeing Reema happy, but why her happiness goes to the third way. Simar says Reema di’s passion is modeling and she gets happy seeing camera. He asks if I seem to jealous husband?

Simar says respectful, loving and understanding husband, but not jealous. She says people will admire if your wife is beautiful and says somewhat jealousy is ok. He says what about love? She says you and di love each other so much. She hopes that Reyansh shall be loving and caring like them and asks them to guide her.

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