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Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th October 2022 Episode starts with Chaaya falling down from the window. Simar shouts Reema di. Aarav shouts Simar. Badimaa calls Simar asking her to come fast. Simar looks out of the window and sees the family members catching Reema holding the big holy cloth. They keep the cloth down.

Chaaya writhes in pain while Reema is unconscious. Simar comes down and asks Chaaya to leave Reema’s body. Badimaa says Reema is in pain due to her. Sandhya asks Simar to do something. Vivaan asks Chaaya to go from there. Chaaya says no Vivaan, I will not leave you. Vivaan says you will get hatred here, I just love my wife Reema, just her, she is everything to me, not anyone else.

Chaaya writhes in pain due to the holy cloth with Om written on it. Sandhya and Badimaa ask Simar to do something. Simar takes round around the holy cloth chanting the mantras. Chaaya shouts saying she will not go. Finally she comes out of Reema’s body and goes up. Everyone sees it and says Chaaya is gone.

Vivaan says we shall wrap Reema with the blanket so that Chaaya don’t return again. They wrap up Reema with the holy cloth. Simar goes to get water. Kamakshi looks at them. Simar comes out and sees everyone standing like statue. She calls everyone’s name. Mayakshi comes there. Simar says Mayakshi,

stay away from my family. Mayakshi asks what do you think that you can save yourself and them from us. Simar says until I am alive, I will save my family from all evils. Mayakshi asks do you have know with whom you are fighting, you are saying this as you have saved Reema just now. She reminds her that Chaaya had entered Reema again and again.

She says Chaaya will come again in Reema’s body, again and again and you can’t do anything. She says Chaaya has gone for now, but we are here and will not go anywhere. She says Chaaya’s love might got weak and her wish to get love and family couldn’t happen, but I am Mayakshi and gets what I want.

She says I want Aarav and I will get him. She says neither me or my love is weak. Simar smiles. Mayakshi says this is real danger and asks her to be scared. She holds simar with her magical powers and says you have to face yakshini and not Chaaya, and you can’t withstand infront of me. Simar says Jai Mata di, and breaks Mayakshi’s magical hold. She says you might be having evil magical powers,

but I have powers of devotion and prayers. She says you are yakshini, but don’t forget that truth will win always. She says you couldn’t know a woman’s power being a woman yourself. She says a woman can snatch her husband’s life even from Yamraj and tells her that she can’t harm her family, and says don’t look at my husband, he is my life, heartbeat, strength, love and everything.

She says if you take a step near him then it won’t be good for her. She says the black bead of mangalsutra protects her husband from all evils. She says no power of this world can snatch Aarav ji from me. Mayakshi asks if she is challenging her. She asks are you ready to lose everything. Kamakshi signs Mayakshi and she vanishes. Everyone becomes normal. Sandhya takes water and gives to Reema. Badimaa asks Simar to take Reema to room.

Mayakshi asks Rudra to leave her. Rudra says you have backstabbed me with my wife’s help, and asks if you think that I will not know. Mayakshi says no. Rudra says Chaaya has accepted this, and says I will do the same thing as I did with your partner. Mayakshi sees Chaaya in the bottle. She tells that she also wants to kill Simar and just wants Aarav.

She says believe me, you can get locket and I want Aarav. Rudra doesn’t believe her. Kamakshi comes there and asks them not to fight. She says Simar doesn’t let anyone break, and their power is due to their unity. She says we shall get the same unity. Kamakshi holds Rudra’s hand and says you wants locket and Mayakshi wants Aarav. She says this will happen when Simar is killed.

Reema panics and tells Simar and Vivaan, that they will come again. She says if she captivates my body again. Simar says we will take all the precautions this time. Vivaan asks Reema not to panic. Simar asks him to bring water. Reema says she will kill me and all of us. Simar slaps her to calm her down and says sorry.

She hugs her and asks if you are fine? Reema says I am very scared, please save me. Simar says nothing will happen to anyone, and asks her to look in her eyes, and says we shall fight with our enemies with strength and courage. She says if we don’t fight then they will overpower us, and that’s why we have to fight with them. Reema asks Simar to throw the pendant as they are coming for that.

Simar says only I know where is that pendant and this house responsibility is mine, and says if you all stay strong then this Simar will be strong too. Vivaan and Aarav come there. Vivaan says we all are with you. Kamakshi says we will do this altogether. Simar says we will face them and win. They have a group hug.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone panics seeing the fire. Kamakshi asks Maharaj ji to give the magical tea to everyone. Simar comes there and stops Maharaj ji.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
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