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Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th January 2022 Episode starts with Simar telling Reema that she knows that everyone dislikes her here, but this is today’s truth, and not of always. She says if my love and dedication is truthful then I am sure that I will win everyone’s heart.

Reema says Simar, you are amazing, everytime you do mistakes and gives big lectures, says your selfishness came infront of everyone. She asks did you think about everyone, our parents, siblings etc, before marriage and says you left the mandap and the innocent guy to marry someone else.

She says how selfish you are? Simar says yes, I have left mandap for my love, and not for any beauty pageant. She says I got married to become of my husband truly, and not with any selfish and wrong motives.

Reema looks at Vivaan. Simar says I came as unwanted bride here, with my head down and apology, not with taunts and threats. She says I want everyone’s blessings and love and if this called selfishness, then I am selfish. She says this house is mine too, more than you as I am badi bahu of the house. Sasural Simar ka plays….Aditi smiles.

Simar folds her hands and tells everyone that if she has courage to stand infront of them, that means her love for Aarav is truthful etc. Badi Maa asks her to leave before her patience breaks. Vivaan says Badi Maa. Badi asks him to be quiet. Aarav asks Simar to come with him and says nobody will get effected with our presence here.

Vivaan says no Bhai, if you both go from here today, then remember that I will also leave with you both. He says without you both, this house is of bricks and stones, and says I can’t stay without you, the house which can be fine without one grand son, can be fine without other grand son too.

Badi Maa shouts Vivaan. Chitra asks Reema to stop him. Reema asks Vivaan how can you leave, you have taken the responsibility of the house. Vivaan says I am doing my responsibility without cheating anyone, and tells Aarav that he feels that Oswal family needs you, and this family is incomplete without you.

Badi Maa asks Vivaan, who gave you the right to take this decision. Vivaan says you have given me and told that I can take decision for this family and you will support me. He says my room will be mine fully and nobody can interfere. A fb is shown, Badi Maa telling that nobody will interfere in his personal matters.

Fb ends. Chitra says you are connecting two different things. Vivaan says I know Badi Maa’s promise is not fake. Badi Maa says I can understand your intentions. Vivaan says my intention is to unite the family, whatever I am doing is for the house. Badi Maa says they are outsiders. Vivaan says they are outsiders?

And asks her to see that he is Aarav Oswal, your crown, pride, stars of your eyes etc. Badi Maa recalls her moments with Aarav and his love confession with Simar. She says you are trying to be clever with me. Vivaan says no. Badi Maa tells Giriraj and Chitra that their son is very clever and trying to confuse her in her promise. Vivaan says from his perspective, things will get solved. He asks if she will fulfill her promise.

Badi Maa says I don’t break my promise, but you made fun of it and trying to take my advantage and trying to take Aarav inside home. She says I have promised myself that Aarav will not have any relation with us. Aarav asks really? Badi Maa says I was duped by my own people and got betrayed by them, but not anymore. She says I will not melt with anyone’s tears. Simar says there might be some way for apology?

Aarav says Badi Maa is sure about her promise, even if she has to sacrifice relation or grand son. Gajendra asks him to mind his tongue. Aditi says nobody is here to understand you. Sandhya asks her to go inside. Aditi and Vivaan hold Aarav and Simar’s hands. Aarav says this is your values, we the siblings are united even today. He says if you have promised yourself, then I will not let it break.

He says if you don’t want Simar and I to come inside house, then we will never come inside. Vivaan says I am also taking this step due to Badi Maa’s promise. He says my room is fully mine, I can let anyone stay there without anyone’s interference and says I request you both to stay in my room. He says if you both don’t agree to me, then I will leave the house with you both.

Aarav says you have put me in dilemma and says you want me to take my wife in the house, where she is seen with hatred. Vivaan says that’s why I asked you both to stay in my room, says you will not have any problem there, asks them to stay there with full rights.

Aarav says thanks chote, but I can’t do this. Simar asks Aarav to agree. Aarav says not like this. Simar says we know that this will happen, and says we were sure to win their hearts, and asks why is he backing off?

She says you have promised me that you will get my sasural back, and says you have to take me inside, shall get my grah pravesh done. Badi Maa says I shall appreciate her and says she just wants to get inside the house anyhow. She taunts her. Giriraj asks Aarav, why he is shameful? Badi Maa says they will leave from here. She says we shall go inside. All elders go inside. Reema goes inside.

Simar asks Aarav, why you didn’t tell anything. She says they are hurt and their anger shall be vent out, and their hearts shall be light. She says we shall get habitual to bear the insult. She says if you can bear insult for me, then you can do this for family too. She says Mata Rani is with us, until when she will keep us away from them. Vivaan says I would have agreed if someone has made him understand so well.

Simar says I have become wife, so my importance has become less. Aarav says you knows well, how important you are for me. Vivaan and Aditi tickles him to agree. Aarav agrees. Vivaan and Aditi get happy. Reema looks at them from far and gets shocked. Simar asks if we will go inside surely? He nods his head. Simar hugs him. Aditi and Vivaan hug them. Reema gets upset.

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