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Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th October 2022 Episode starts with Simar coming to her room and feels the same smoke. She asks Reema what is she doing here? Chaaya says she has come to search for the dress, as she doesn’t have good dress.

Simar shows her dress. Chaaya says it is really nice. Simar says you can’t be my di and then says you are liking my stuff who doesn’t have any fashion sense. She asks if you are my Di. Chaaya says I am your sister. Simar asks what is in your hand. chaaya asks if you are doubting your sister.

She hides the locket and shows her hand, refusing to take the dress. Simar gives her branded dress. Chaaya takes it and goes. Simar searches for the locket. Chaaya thinks thank god, Simar didn’t see this locket. She hears Rudra’s voice and says she hates this voice. She pours water in the bowl and contacts Rudra through it.

Rudra asks if locket is found. Chaaya asks what is in that locket, that you are searching for it? Rudra says it is the powerful weapon of the yaksh and asks her to give it to him. He says until it is with Simar, I can’t kill her. He says don’t forget that Simar is danger to you also. Kamakshi tells Rudra that Chaaya has found the locket.

Rudra says she didn’t tell me. Kamakshi says she diverted you with her questions and asked about it. Chaaya thinks of I want to be in Reema’s body, then I have to hide it. She thinks neither Rudra nor Simar will get it. Kamakshi says she will go to that house herself.

Everyone is dancing in Oswal Mansion. Chaaya keeps the diffuser on and joins everyone. Badimaa is holding baby Geet while everyone is dancing. Chaaya takes the baby and dances with Vivaan. Simar and Aarav take the baby in their arms.

Gagan takes the baby and is happu too. Everyone is happy. Kamakshi comes there. Simar doesn’t let Chaaya hold the smoke diffuser and says it is bad for baby. Chaaya says its smell is soothing for the baby. Vivaan tells that he has selected a gift for baby and asks them to come.

Vivaan shows three lockets to Aditi and asks her to select whatever she likes, Damini’s pendant is one among them. Gagan says it is not needed. Badimaa says it has blessings attached with it. Aditi asks Vivaan if Reema will feel bad. Chaaya says she will not have any problem. Badimaa keeps baby in the cradle.

Simar gives medicine to Badimaa. Aditi likes Damini’s magical pendant. Chaaya is shocked and says no. She asks Aditi to select some other delicate pendant for Geet. Aditi says my heart is stuck on this. Vivaan asks her to take it. Simar is coming there. Kamakshi comes there and the holy thread breaks.

Simar is about to see the locket, when door bell rings. Chaaya thinks Kamakshi…Simar asks who is she? Kamakshi greets her. Chaaya thinks to inform Mayakshi. Kamakshi says Maharaj ji called her to make food. Simar says we don’t need cook. Kamakshi asks her to call Maharaj ji and asks where will I go, so late in night. Simar asks Maharaj ji if he had called her. Kamakshi looks at him.

Chaaya goes to the balcony and the curtain is thrown around her. Mayakshi comes there. Chaaya says that locket…Mayakshi says you said that you got it. She says you have promised to give that locket to me. Chaaya says I am not showing any smartness and says your mother came here.

Mayakshi says I know that Maa is dangerous and will get that locket. She asks Chaaya to get that locket, as if Rudra finds that locket, then the powers will make him immortal, and if we get it, then I will get Aarav and you will get freedom. She says you shall get that locket. Simar asks Maharaj ji.

Maharaj ji lies as he gets hypnotizes by her. Kamakshi says I am from his village. Simar tells Maharaj ji that they don’t need any staff now. She tells Kamakshi that she will get her work in 2-3 days, but she can’t stay here. Kamakshi says but I will stay here.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar identifies Chaaya again in Reema’s body and tries to get her out. Chaaya tells that she will kill Reema to get her body and jumps down from the window. Simar is shocked.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
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