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Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th October 2021 Episode starts with Sandhya telling Simar that she has to leave. Aarav says no Maa. Please don’t go leaving this house. He says I will talk and try to make them understand. Sandhya says after giving 25 years of my life, my son has to defend me. Aarav says I want to become your support and whatever you did was right. Sandhya says if I was right then I was not told that my attitude is changed.

She says Badi Maa tells proudly that she has brought up her three children and took decisions of their life, set up the business empire etc. She says if I tried to protect my daughter then I became wrong. Aarav asks her not to take Badi Maa’s words on heart. Sandhya says your Papa asked me to give clarification and apologize to them. She says atleast he could have understand me, being my husband. Aarav says I am sorry Maa. Sandhya hugs him.

Badi Maa does the aarti and recalls Sandhya slapping Mohit and deciding to leave the house. She keeps back the aarti and folds her hands. She turns around and asks where is Sandhya Bahu. Sandhya comes there and calls Badi Maa. She says Iw as about to come. Badi Maa asks when? after puja ends. She says if you want to leave the house then door is open, you can go now itself.

Vivaan asks why Tai ji is leaving the house, what is going on. Badi Maa says I didn’t call everyone for this, and tells that house problems shall end soon. She says today is Navratri’s first day, all sons will go with me to bring Mangal kalash and all bahus will make preparation for havan. She tells Sandhya that if she remembers this rasam, else forgotten it like other things. She asks if Agarwal daughter’s decided to refuse for Oswal’s rituals. Aarav says how can you say this?

Badi Maa says it is your decision to leave the house, and asks her to leave before they come, or clarify and apologize to them, and then welcome Mata Rani. She says it is in your hand. Simar requests Badi Maa to hear Maa once. Badi Maa scolds her and says you are here due to Aarav, else would be kicked out. She says this is outsider’s magic that our own family became our enemy. She says who shall leave the house, and who is leaving. Simar asks Gajendra if he will not stop Maa?

Gajendra says we will leave to bring mangal kalash. Badi Maa tells Vivaan and Aarav to bring the kalash. She tells Sandhya that she will not ask her, what she has decided. She says if I find you here, then I will understand that you couldn’t leave your home and Oswal house. She says if you apologize to me then I will relieve you of this pain. She asks Aarav and Vivaan to get ready and meet her at the temple.

Sandhya says I will not apologize, not this time. I have done duty of a mother. She tells Aditi that they will leave from here after Mata Rani’s aarti. Simar asks what are you saying? Sandhya says it is destined to happen. Chitra says we shall do havan arrangements else we will be kicked out. Simar says I will do all the arrangements. Chitra says you will leave in few days time, and asks her to give some intelligence to her sister. Reema asks her to relax and says I will fulfill my responsibilities and will learn from my Maa and not from others.

Simar comes to her room and helps Aarav wear his kurta. He asks her for help and asks her to play her Simar’s magic and stop Maa. Simar says for that she has to apologize to Badi Maa. Aarav says this time, Maa will not apologize. I am going with them and will talk to Papa and Badi Maa. He asks Simar not to let Maa go, and says I can’t live without her. Simar says that day you asked me what promised I made to myself. Simar says I promised myself that before leaving this house, I will clear all problems of this house. He says he didn’t understand. She says today is Mata Rani’s grah pravesh and says how can other Maa go from house. She promises him that she won’t let her go, though she doesn’t know how she will stop her, but she won’t let her go.

Vivaan asks Reema to promise him, that she will not do anything wrong. He says I am already worried about Tai ji. He asks her not to do anything wrong. Reema says the problem was in the house due to Aditi’s marriage and problem between us is due to Simar. Vivaan says you are a bundle of problems and you are toxic, it is impossible to bear you. He says Badi Maa says right, who shall go and who is leaving. Reema says I will not leave, as this house is mine and even you. Vivaan looks angrily.

Shobha calls Roma and asks her to clean the table. She asks her to be careful and says that vase is imported. Roma says shall I call Divya to do the work with me. Shobha says shall I make new bride do the work and tells that if your mother didn’t teach you. Roma says it is about Mata Rani and tells that if Divya does the work then she will get blessings of Mata Rani. Shobha asks her to worry for herself and apologize to Mata Rani,

so that her son returns. Rajendra comes there and says one side your pray to Mata Rani and other side you ill treats your bahu and mata rani’s avatar. He says do you think Mata Rani will be happy with you. He says there is still time, handle yourself as there is no sound in God’s lathi. He asks her to keep herself calm if she wants peace in the house. Roma hears them.

Badimaa and Gajendra are in the car. Vivaan and Aarav are in other car. Vivaan says Tai ji has set the house and she is leaving the house. If we had studied abroad to bear this. Aarav says Maa tried to take a stand for Aditi and this is the result. Vivaan says how to stop Tai ji? Aarav says Simar promised me that she will stop Maa and I trust her more than myself. Vivaan thinks difference between Reema and Simar.

Badi Maa asks Gajendra if he holds her responsible for Sandhya’s decision. Gajendra says it is her mistake, neither you nor I have forced her to leave. Badi Maa says yes. Aarav tells Badi Maa that he wants to talk to her. Badi Maa says we came for important work, don’t want to talk anything else.

Simar comes to Sandhya and says shall I do packing? Sandhya says I never thought what is mine and what is not mine. She says my husband, my kids and all the moments since 25 years, I had spent with them, then where to go leaving them. Simar says I am sorry Maa. Sandhya says after 4-5 years, people think to get house painted, get new curtains etc. She says in 25 years, nobody looked at the house, nobody asks if she is fine and happy, but asks why tea is made late etc. She says nobody cares for a house wife. Simar thinks she won’t let Maa go from here, and hugs her.

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