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Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th November 2021 Episode starts with Lalit coming out of the lock up. Aarav asks Lalit to go and says he will bring them. Vivek asks Shobha to sign and says we shall leave from here. Lalit thanks Aarav. Aarav asks them to take his car and says I will ask driver to pick up. Lalit asks are you sure? Aarav says Phupha ji is inside, and doing last minute formalities. I have to arrange car for him also.

Shobha asks Lalit to come. Reema says wife looks good with husband on front seat and says when Rajendra uncle was on the driver’s seat, will you let anyone sit beside him. She asks Roma to sit with Lalit. Vivek says we will sit on the backseat. Roma hugs Reema and thanks her. Reema asks them to smile and pose for selfie with Roma. She says even Roma di wants this, and clicks the pic. She then tells Shobha that wherever Roma di is, her sisters will always be with her.

Roma asks Lalit, shall we go home. Vivek says yes, come fast. Aarav and Simar are standing. Reema turns to Simar and goes from there. Aarav says I hope everything is fine in Bua ji’s house. Simar says all the wheels shall move forward at one, and the house can’t be run with one person.

She says everyone shall contribute for the house. He says everyone don’t have perfectly balanced relation like us. Simar says no relation is perfect. He says we made it perfect. Simar says we couldn’t and that’s why we are standing here, and will go to our respective homes. She says our destination is not one now. She thanks him for whatever he has done for Di and folds her hands. She goes. Aarav feels hurt and says he will bear all the torture with smile.

Reema thinks my next trick will shaken up Oswal Mansion. She knocks on Badi Maa’s door. Badi Maa asks her to come inside. Reema says just as I have promised, Bua ji and her family went to their house happily. She shows their selfie. Badi Maa says you solved Roma’s family problem, not because you love her, but because you wanted my attention. She says you will get just 2 mins to tell what you want to.

Reema checks the time and tells Badi Maa that conspiracy is going on in her house, behind her back. Badi Maa smiles. Reema says I will tell with the proofs and puts the pendrive. She gives remote to Badi Maa. Badi Maa switches on the TV. The video is loading. Badi Maa asks her to sit. Reema says first I will win your trust and then only I will sit. Just then the video plays.

Badi Maa watches Chitra talking to Rana ji on call, and telling him that her name shall not come and nobody shall know that she had planned attack on Aarav. Reema smiles and recalls recording her confession, when Chitra speaks to Rana. A fb is shown, Reema says you are foolish. I will see Aarav later, and can’t leave you for whatever you have done with Vivaan. Fb ends. Badi Maa gets up shocked and asks what is all this?

Reema picks the fallen things and says I have bear much humiliation to become this house bahu, to get acceptance here. She recalls Aarav slapping her and gets angry. She then tells Badi Maa that her loyalty doesn’t change. She says injustice has happened with my husband and if I stay quiet then it will be betrayal to this family. She shows Chitra’s call records and says she was constantly in touch with Rana and asks if anyone can lie big than this. She says I brought these proves to you, as you are head of the house and has the right to do justice.

She says I have faith that you will do justice like always and says you will trust me that my loyalty is attached with you and with this house. She says I am not like that Simar, who raised questions on your decisions. She says I want to become like you and eyes Badi Maa’s keys. Badi Maa looks at the keys as well. Reema says I want to take up the responsibility like you. She then takes her mobile and is walking out. She looks at the watch and says you had given me 2 mins, and I completed my words in 56 seconds. She says I don’t know to give lecture, and knows just tit for tat. Badi Maa looks on.

Simar is walking on the road and recalling Aarav’s words. She then thinks of Badi maa’s words. She hears someone walking and hides. She thinks Aarav ji left. Aarav comes there. Simar looks at him and says what is this selfishness? You wanted me to go and then saying I have left. Simar says I know, it was right. She says if I shall not express my feelings when alone. Aarav says it seems there is a war between your heart and mind, lets see who wins. Mahiya plays……Simar starts walking and collides with Aarav. She realizes he was her imagination before.

Aarav asks if you was talking to self or fighting for me. Simar says there is no relation left between us. He says we have truthful and pure relation which you can’t refuse. He holds her hand. A car comes there, the driver asks them to go to side and talk. Aarav asks him to go and says sorry to Simar. Simar says I have to go home. Aarav says it seems you have forgotten our unnamed relation and our promises. Simar says I didn’t forget. He says it is better to walk with someone rather than walking alone. Simar says there is no destination. He says I want to make the journey beautiful and say lets go. Auto driver stops the auto. Simar and Aarav refuse to take the auto. They walk towards Simar’s house.

Vivaan is trying to walk in his room. Reema comes there and looks at him, as he walks. She goes from there and brings knife. Vivaan is shocked to see knife in her hand. Reema asks him to take it and kill her at once. She says kill me once, and says you used to say that I am toxic and poison, and asks him to live happily ever after she leaves. She asks him to kill her and says if you can’t do, then give it to me, I will kill myself. Vivaan walks towards her and throws the knife. He says you don’t need to do drama, I can’t be at peace by hurting someone. I am not like you.

He says I don’t want anyone’s support. Badi Maa comes there and says let her help you, she is your wife and she has right on you. Vivaan is surprised. Reema asks him to sit. Badi maa says it is your duty to make sure that he gets fine soon. She says you have to be fine, I have to give answer to many, this war is not easy, Aarav is shattering slowly. Vivaan says what are you saying? Badi Maa says let the time come.

She says for now, let Reema take care of you. She asks him to stand with her. Vivaan says I am always with you. Badi Maa asks Reema to meet her, and says time has come to clean the termites. She goes. Vivaan asks Reema, what magic she has done on Badi Maa that she is trusting her. He says do whatever you want. Reema says I am doing what Badi Maa wants, and now she will do, what I want.

Aarav and Simar are still walking on the road. Song plays…kabhi meri nazar. Simar steps on the stone and is about to fall. Aarav holds her hands and reminisces their moments. Simar looks at him and recalls their marriage day. He takes her slipper and fixes it. He then makes him wear it.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pandit ji asks Simar if she will keep fast for her husband. Simar says Pandit ji, he is…Aarav says I will keep fast for you and asks Simar, if she will keep fast for him. Simar looks on.

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Telecast Date:12th November 2021
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