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Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th October 2022 Episode starts with Badimaa telling Simar that she is the fruit of their past lives, and says today she wants to greet her from her heart. Badimaa and others fold their hands before her.

Simar tells that she is very lucky to get such a loving family and tells Badimaa that their love and trust is her courage. She says Mata Rani might be happy with me, that she made this sasural as Sasural Simar ka, when this little baby is in my arms, I don’t know how to thank Mata Rani. She says she got more than she deserves.

Baby holds Simar’s finger. Gajendra asks Aarav to capture this moment. Gagan says this is bua and baby’s moment. Aditi says Mami and baby. Simar asks Aditi, what name she has thought. Aditi says why we will think of the name. Badimaa says you have strong connection with the baby and now she is her God mother. She asks Simar to think of baby’s name till evening. Simar says I..

and asks if they are keeping function. Badimaa asks her to think. Everyone pose for pics with the baby. Aarav tells Simar that she is looking good with the baby and asks if she wants the role to be permanent. Simar feels shy. Vivaan says we didn’t hear anything about baby and planning. Chaaya tries to go inside the room, and couldn’t go inside due to the holy thread. She thinks to talk to Rudra.

Sadhvi ji asks Sandhya to sprinkle holy water on all the places. Badimaa asks Sadhvi ji if danger is gone from her house. Sadhvi asks her to keep the diya in the house always, and tells about the danger on Simar. Badimaa is shocked.

Rudra tells Mayakshi that he couldn’t find that locket. He says if that locket is not found, then Yaksh sabha will kill our Maa and us. He throws Damini’s photo frame and tells that he had got that locket and its powers, then Simar was also dead, then who had snatched that locket from me. Kamakshi says that locket is with Simar.

Simar tells baby that she will always stand by her, and will always protect her, and will make her have icecream secretlt when she wants. Locket is seen inside Simar.

Chaaya comes to Rudra and shouts, asking why did you call me? Kamakshi makes her fall down on her feet and says this is the right place for you, you shall come infront of us whenever we call you. She says now you have to do our important work. Chaaya asks how, and says red threads are tied in the house,

and I can’t go near anyone, specially that Simar. She asks how did Simar come out from your hand, alive. Rudra says even he couldn’t understand and says for now, he wants her to get something from Simar. Chaaya says I can’t stand with her. Kamakshi attacks her and asks her to bring what she wants.

Aarav is on call with someone and tells that it is a secret, he will bring the stuff. Simar asks what is the secret? He says he was talking for office work. Simar says lets have coffee. Aarav says he wants to go somewhere, and then says he has to sleep. Simar says you need coffee. Aarav says someone is coming to meet me etc.

Simar says she wants to spend sometime with him, and he don’t want to, and says so unromantic. Aarav thinks to convince Simar, and sings song for her. They dance. Aarav gets romantic, but goes somewhere. Simar says Aarav ji has gone somewhere. She takes her dupatta and the locket falls down from it.

Simar is about to see it, when Chaaya comes and shows the mud pot from which smoke is coming out. Simar says it is beautiful, from where you got it. Chaaya recalls Rudra giving it to her, so that no thread or any power work on Chaaya. Simar asks Chaaya to come inside. Chaaya stops and tells that she will start with the room, and makes the smoke spread on the door. She searches for the locket and recalls Rudra’s words.

Simar says its smell is much. Chaaya says evil powers were strongest too, and asks her to promise that she will not stop this diffuser. She emotionally blackmails Simar. Simar says ok. Chaaya says thank god, you are with me and asks her to get ready fast. Simar asks why? Chaaya says baby’s naamkaran needs to be done. Simar asks what is going on? Chaaya says surprise.

Vivaan and Gagan blind fold Simar and take her downstairs. Simar sees Chaaya’s reflection and gets scared. She takes off the blind fold. Aarav asks what happened? They switch on the lights. Aditi handovers the baby to Simar. Aarav asks Simar if she knows now why he was busy. Simar says now he has to make coffee tomorrow. Everyone coughs. Vivaan says even I like coffee.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :All the family members dance and enjoy, while Kamakshi comes there indisguise.

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