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Sanjog 7th October 2022 Chandanis father walk inside the house with flower basket. Gauri with Chandani taking her out. Chandani ask here were are we going. Gauri ask her to look behind curtains. Both them walks to her father. She gets excited after seeing her father. Both of them hug eachother.

Chandani see a scar on his neck she take a flower and start rubbing his scar says it will be fine. He says you have magic in your hand, it will cure now and ask her are you happy. She says yes and if I’ll stay with Tara then I’ll get chance to go school. He says you are blessed because of Godess and make her wear garland. Gauri says talk to me too after all you eill leave in sometime. Chandani says live with us here. He says I wish to stay but not now.

Maasa ask Amrita about the arrengements. She says everything is done. Amrita see Gauri standing behind curtains.Chandanis father leave. Gauri says to her after sometime we will live together and fun. Amrita thinks safa gang members are in the house. Maasa says to Amrita did you ask Rajiv to come quick it’s our family ritual and he can do the bedae, call him and ask him to come on time. Amrita says I’ll call him.

Rajiv with Rakshita in her house. Rajiv trying household looks on her. Rakshita get’s sad. Rajiv ask what happen. She says Amritas brother alok know everything about us, she won’t allow me to take his sisters place. Rajiv says relax, I have told you earlier Amrita is emotional fool she will help us in this situation, she will only invite you and keep in our house so what Amol with do in this, he is already quite from last 7 years. Rajiv get’s call from Amrita, he says to Rakshita everything is set let her make one mistake and she will be out.

Amrita thinks why is not Rajiv picking up phone and I was unable to see who was with Meenakshi and Chanda, I don’t understand what to do. Tara ask Amrita how do I look. Amrita says you look cute. Chanda walks to Amrita in her new dress, she says to her this dress is so beautiful I never worn a dress like this not even in my dream. Amrita says don’t worry your dreams will come true.

Chanda says I’ll go and show this to my mom and she leaves. Amrita start combing Tara’s hair. Tara ask her why are you sad. Amrita says I’m worried about your dad, your dad have to do visarjan of idol according to ritual. Tara ask can I do. She says no and you are quite small how ill you pick up. Tara says Chandanis idol is small I’ll go and tell her about the visarjan and she run away. Amrita call Rajiv again.

Gauri looks at Chanda’s dress says you look so beautiful in this dress and says my time will also come and wear gold and dress. Tara walks to her says I’ll do visarjan of your idol. Chanda says we have to carry idol over our head. Tara says then I’ll take it too. Chanda remember her father asking her to do visarjan with lot’s of love.

Gauri explains Tara why Chandani will do visarjan. Tara says I’m her friend so let me do this time. Chandani says you can do it next time. Tara get’s angry and run away. Ranjini see Tara’s behaviour.

Tara walks in her room and start throwing her toys. Ranjini walks to her says what happen, are you angry on your toys, now your friend live with us now why are you angry. Tara says I’m angry on my friend because I want to do visarjan of her idol but she said no. Ranjini says you brought her in this house provide her food and dress but still she don’t listen, I would have gone stubborn to do the visarjan, she provoke Tara against Chandani for jot talking to her and leave.

Rajiv calls Tara, he look at his phone see 10 missed calls from Amrita says now this will be fun, I have to see her scared face. Amrita walks to her says where were you, I called you so much, Maasa was waiting for you. Rajiv ask where is Tara, is she ready. Amrita says yes I’ll call her. Rajiv says yes call her quickly and walk away.

Amrita walks to Tara room, she knocks from out says open door. Tara says I won’t open and I don’t want to go for visarjan. Amrita says your dad and Chandini is waiting for you. Tara says I don’t want to talk to her she is not my friend because she didn’t want me to pick her idol for visarjan. Ranjini hear everything and gets happy.

Rajiv ask Maasa where is Tara. Maasa says Amrita must be getting her ready. Rajiv says she told me Tara was ready. Ranjini says we are loosing time she always do this. Rajiv call Amrita. Everyone waiting for pooja to begin.

Amrita in store room looking for something. She walks to Taras room says you will only pick idol now come out. Tara get’s excited and open door.

Chandani and Tara carrying a big plank on there head and carrying idol together. Amrita thinks now nobody will come between them. Rakshita walks inside home. Rajiv get’s happy after seeing her. Amrita and Rakshita hug eachother. Amrita says finally you are here even rajiv was asking about you.

Rajiv greet her. Amrita says you were earlier. Rakshita says is this wrong time. Rajiv says no we were just doing rituals. Tara says let’s move this is my first time doing visarjan. Maasa ask Amrita to keep jewellery. Tara says to Amrita let’s do this later. Rajiv ask her to be quick. Amrita ask Rakshita to rest in her room till the time they come back. Gauri thinks I have to see that room.

Rakshita enter room and says to herself seriously it’s your room Amrita keeping jewellery with servants help, she lock the room and walk away. Rajiv calls her.Gauri see the room and says here I can get everything.Rakshita looking at Amrita`s photo says you will be out soon from here.

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