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Sanjog 6th October 2022 Sanjog with Tara and Chandani looking at laptop. Chandani says this picture is if a beggar. Amrita says we don’t say like this, they are from good family like you. Tara ask them how come they look like this. Amrita says because they ran away from there house in anger, there elder ask them to study but they don’t want to listen so ran away now look at there condition.

Chandani and Tara get’s scared. Bhabhi take laptop from Amrita. Maasa says to her why are you scaring that girl she is back to home now. Bhabhi says you should show her love but you are scaring here. Amrita says I’m teaching them about right and wrong, it’s our responsibility to teach them.

Maasa says look at her age will they understand. Tara says to Amrita I understood and apologies her for leaving home. Amrita hugs har. Rajiv walks in call Tara says I brought gift for you, a new dress. Tara get’s excited after seeing her dress. Bhabhi scolds Chandani for staring at Tara’s dress.

Amrita thinks you will also get same amount of happiness don’t worry. Rajiv ask Tara to go to her room. Tara and Chandani leave. Rajiv says to Amrita you were teaching Tara not to run away from home, but first you tell me why did she run away. Amrita says forget that. Rajiv ask her again.

Amrita says she felt bad when I ask her not to come wit me and Chandani. He ask where were you taking Chandani. Maasa signal her not to say anything. Amrita remembers giving promise to Maasa to keep secret from Rajiv. Rajiv says answer me Amrita. Maasa interrupt says she is back now forget it.

Rajiv says my daughter’s life was in danger so tell me. Amrita says I’m sorry Maasa I’m breaking your promise and says to Rajiv your sister was one who fed Tara. Rajiv in shock and ask Ranjani did you feed her tabacco. Ranjaani says yes. Rajiv scolds her and ask her to leave home. Maasa try to calm him down. Rajiv try to throw her out. Gauri standing at door. Maasa stop Rajiv and him to forgive his sister.

Amrita says everything is fine, she won’t repeat that again. Ranjani get’s angry ask Amrita to stop acting and says to Rajiv I’m daughter of this house, I won’t leave, your wife cannot handle her daughter how she will take care of mother but ask me why did I feed her tabacco. Rajiv ask why? She says I’ll tell you but you have to come with me and they both leave. Maasa scolds Amrita says if my daughter leave you are also leaving remember.

Rajiv and Ranjani in room. Ranjani says to him how could you belive, Tara is my niece but you know what Amrita do, she is totally different how she looks, she is not responsible, she always try to throw me out od house, I asked her to keep Tara away from Chandani but she invited her, it looks like Chandani is her daughter, even Tara is becoming like Chandani, I cannot tolerate this when it comes to Tara,

nobody was listening me so I did this so that you all can see the truth but in return I got framed, she start leaving. Rajiv says no you won’t leave, he apologies to her and says I have a work for you, you should keep and eye on Amrita if anything happens to Tara tell me. Ranjani says I’ll do it for you.

Amrita says to Maasa don’t worry I’ll talk to Rajiv everything will bw fine. Maasa says because you they were fighting. Rajiv and Ranjaniwalks out together. Rajiv says I overreacted on her, she is not going anywhere.

Amrita making food calls Tara and Chandani. Ranjani offer sweet to Amrita. Amrita says I’m happy Rajiv didn’t let you go. Ranjani says this sweet is because you are leaving soon, your days are numbered, what did you thaught you won and I lost, you failed to put me out of this house nobody can break a bond of brother and sister. Amrita mocks her and says me and Rajiv are together forever, I’ll fight for him even to god, you cannot make us apart.

Amrita warns Tara for food. Tara shouts its hot. Chandani give her water says wait it’s hot I’ll feed you. Gauri pray to god for her husband. Ranjani plans to create differences between Tara and Chandani. Amrita looks at Godess pray to her for her daughter stay together.

Amrita, Tara and Chandani sitting together for pooja. Tara ask to have sweet. Chandani says this is prashad and you eill get after pooja. Amrita says we have lot’s of sweet eat after aarti. Amrita pray to God for both her daughters. Amrita says today godess will leave so pray to her that you both stay together.

Tara and Chandani pray. Ranjani see them holding hands she walks and seprate them, she pray to Goddess so that she can throw Chandani out. Amrita mocks her. Gauri take Chandani with her. Tara ask where are you taking her. Gauri says I’m taking her so that I can also spent time with her like you do and ask her to come later. Amrita thinks that Meenakshi can take away Chanda whenever she wants.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2022
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