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Sanjog 4th October 2022 Amrita comes to Tara’s room and doesn’t find her there. Chanda is there and says Tara got angry as we didn’t take her downstairs when you took me to Rajini didi. Amrita gets scared and searches for Tara.

Maasa comes to Rajini and she is angry, she is breaking things around. Maasa stops her from eating pan masala. Rajini cries and says you insulted me for that Amrita? You let me get insulted and didn’t do anything. Maasa says Amrita had proofs so I had to take her side, I did it so that Amrita won’t tell anything to Rajeev. You know Tara is Rajeev’s life so he wouldn’t spare you.

Amrita is looking around for Tara in the house. Chanda says lets ask my mama.

Rajeev comes to his room and sees things thrown around, he asks where is Tara? Amrita comes there and says Tara is missing. Rajeev shouts that I told you to protect Tara. Chanda comes there and says Tara is missing with my mama. Rajini says that woman must have taken Tara. She grabs Chanda and locks her in the store room.

She says we will keep her here till we find Tara. Amrita says you can’t do this with a kid. Rajeev shouts that you care about some girl more than your daughter? Ia m going to find my daughter. He is about to leave but Gauri brings an unconscious Tara back in house. Rajeev and Amrita rush to her.

Rajeev asks what happened? Gauri says she fainted but she is fine. Rajeev sprinkles water and she wakes up. Gauri says I went to take medicines to the market. I found Tara there, she was angry and ran from the house. Some goons were about to kidnap Tara but Gauri fought with them, a goon hit Gauri but she fought back for Tara.

The flashback shows Gauri saving Tara’s life and fighting all the goons in the market. Tara fainted after falling on the ground. The flashback ends. Tara wakes up and tells Rajeev that Chandini’s mother saved me, she is very strong. Gauri says she is okay, she just fainted. Tara says sorry to Amrita for leaving.

Chanda is crying to free her. Amrita rushes to her and brings her out of the store room. She hugs her and says don’t cry. I am here. Chanda asks about Tara. Amrita brings her to Tara and she hugs her. Tara tells her about her mother saving her life. Amrita thanks Gauri and says we thought you kidnapped our daughter, we are really sorry. Gauri says it’s okay, we are poor so people judge us.

Rajeev says nothing is more important than Tara for me, you saved her life so you can ask for anything. Gauri says nothing is more important than my daughter so I will request you to let us stay here for 6 months? My daughter will become educated. Amrita is happy hearing the request. Gauri thinks Gopal’s case will close in 6 months. Maasa gives a cheque of 20 lacs and says she can take this and leave.

She can’t stay here. Gauri says I don’t want money, I just want my daughter to become educated. Please let us stay here. Rajeev looks on. Amrita tells Rajeev that she saved your Tara’s life and you can fulfill her wish. Rajini says she can take the money and leave. Amrita is hopeful that Rajeev will agree with Gauri.

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Telecast Date:4th October 2022
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