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Sanjog 30th August 2022 Rajeev asks Lakshita to leave the hospital. Lakshita says she is my friend so I am here for her. Maasa comes there and asks who told you about her condition? Rajeev says I told her.

The nurse comes there and says the patient is up. They all go to Amrita’s room. Rajeev asks if she is fine? Amrita sadly looks at him. Alok comes there. Amrita is about to hold Rajeev’s hand but Lakshita holds it and asks how are you?

Maasa says let her rest now. Alok says Amrita will come home with me now. Amrita recalls Rajeev’s words that he wants a divorce. Maasa says it’s a family matter so please ask Lakshita to leave. Rajeev asks her to go.

She sadly leaves from there. Alok says I will take Amrita home now. The doctor says she can’t go home, we are still waiting for her reports. There is good and bad news. Maasa says let us know about the good news first.

The doctor says she is pregnant, she is going to be a mother. All are surprised. Amrita cries hearing that, she says really? The doctor nods and says yes, you are pregnant. Amrita tells Rajeev that we are going to be parents, she hugs him and says we will have a baby now. Rajeev hugs her and smiles.

The doctor tells the goons that there is no one inside. They all leave. Gopal thanks the doctor for saving their lives. Gauri thanks her and says we will leave now. The doctor says no, you need rest. Gopal holds her hand and says you should rest.

Gauri says we should leave from here, I want to go somewhere where we can live with respect. I am fine and I won’t stop till I fulfill my dreams. The doctor says Gauri is pregnant with a third baby. She is shocked.

The doctor tells Rajeev’s family that she is pregnant but it’s complicated so she shouldn’t have any stress. Maasa says we will take care of her, right Rajeev? He says yes. Maasa gives money to Rajini to give it to poor people. Alok angrily leaves from there. All leave her room.

Sanjay tells Alok to be happy, he is going to be an uncle. Maasa comes there and says whatever happened for a reason, she will have a baby and everything will be fine now. People fight in the family but you should talk to Amrita to forget everything and we will start new.

Gauri is not happy about the pregnancy. Gopal makes her eat and says don’t feel bad if God has given us another blessing. Gauri says my dream is to become like that queen. Gopal says we got this house to stay here for some days so be happy. Gopal is pleading with her to eat but she doesn’t want to. Gopal’s mother Amma tells her to not be angry with God’s blessing. Gauri says sometimes blessing is a curse.

Alok comes to Amrita and says I will count till 10 and if you say you are happy then I will agree. He counts till 4 when Amrita starts crying.

Rajeev is hearing Lakshita’s voicenotes when Maasa comes there. She says I never liked Amrita, I was against your marriage with her because she was not of our standard but you were adament to marry her so I said yes and now you will take back your words against Amrita for our family’s sake. Our heir is coming, you are going to be a father so forget everything and take care of Amrita, go and start a new life with her. Rajeev is reluctant but she tells him to do it for their heir. He nods.

Alok tells Amrita that you got the biggest happiness but you can’t forget Rajeev’s words right? Your mother in law asked me to tell you to forget everything but I don’t want you to. I know a baby is a blessing but what Rajeev said was not a small thing.

You are going to be a mother but what about you being questioned as a wife? It’s your life so decision will be yours, just remember that I am always with you. My house is always open for you so whatever you decide, just do it without any fear. Amrita nods and cries.

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