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Sanjog 28th October 2022 An officer enters the jail and is about to shoot Amrita thinking she is some criminal but Alok comes there and saves her. He scolds Amrita and says you shouldn’t have come here. Amrita says I will do anything for my daughter,

I had to stay away from my daughter for 7 years and I can’t lose her now. Please free them and let them come back with me for Chanda, I am begging you for my daughter. I will take their responsibility. Alok gives her the keys and says take them back. Gauri smirks.

Amrita comes back home and goes to Chanda’s room. Rajeev is looking for her so she hides with Chanda. Amrita says let’s go from the back. She brings her to the garden. Gauri and her family are there. Chanda runs and hugs Gopal. She says I was missing you a lot. Gopal says I will never leave you now. Chanda says Amrita took care of me while you were not here. Amrita thinks if Chanda takes them as her family then I will keep them here.

Amrita comes back home. Maasa asks where were you? You didn’t even inform us. Gauri and her family enter the house. Maasa asks Savita if she is okay now? Savita says I went to the doctor but I am okay now. Rajeev asks why is Chandini back? Gauri says we found her outside the house.

Amrita calls Chandini and says she was scared, I told her that no one will say anything to her. Rajeev says she pushed Tara. Tara comes there and says she never hurt me, she hugs Chandini and says she is my best friend so let her stay here. Rajeev says okay. Tara takes Chandini from there. Gauri says I will go and cook breakfast. Gopal goes to work as a driver.

Maasa asks Amrita to change her safe’s lock and gives her a password. She says this safe is your responsibility and keep this password with you.

At the night time, Amrita sees Gopal, Savita and Gauri praying together. Gopal says we pray to leave the bad path and never steal from now on. Gopal and Savita complete the ritual but Gauri says no, I will do anything for my dream. Amrita looks on.

Amrita comes to Gauri and says you said that you would leave your gang, if you don’t then I will take you back to jail. Gauri laughs and says you brought us back right? You know we are a part of the gang but you didn’t even tell your husband. I will go and tell him the truth about us. She starts to leave but Amrita stops her and says you can’t do that. Gauri says you can’t stop me. Amrita says stop it.

Gauri says you have to give me money then. Amrita goes and brings money from her cupboard. Gauri smirks and says I like money. Amrita says keep your mouth shut. Gauri says I want the password of that safe and then I will be silent. Amrita says I won’t be scared of your threats, if you want to tell Rajeev then do, he will kick you and your family out of the house. You will be on the roads again, if you want to stay here then be silent. She takes her money back and leaves. Gauri says I won’t be silent anymore.

Gauri comes to Tara’s room and sees her sleeping. She says Tara is my daughter and she will bring me to that safe. Amrita comes there and asks her to stay away from Tara. Gauri puts the knife on Tara and says you don’t know me. Gauri says give me the password otherwise I will kill Tara. Amrita says Tara is your daughter. Gauri says I know that. Amrita is shocked. Gauri tells her how she found the report and got it checked. She says you want Chanda and Tara? You can take them but I want that safe’s password.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
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