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Sanjog 26th October 2022 Gauri is in jail and says I won’t spare you. Amrita tells them that you people should be happy that your kids would become good people now. I will give them an education. She tells Gopal to think about his kids’ future. Guari says don’t listen to her, she is fooling us. Don’t trust her. Gopal tells Amrita that will you fulfill your promise?

Amrita says I didn’t get them arrested. She asks Alok why aren’t they taken to the jail? Alok says I have to file a proper case and then they will be shifted there. Gauri tells Amrita that I will come back for revenge and till then Chanda will be in my place, you can’t stop her as she can’t live without her father.

Anjali brings tea for Rajeev and Maasa. Rajeev says there is no sugar in it. Amrita brings sugar. Maasa asks where are others? Amrita says Savita had some pain so Gauri and Gopal took her to the village. Anjali says that the driver shouldn’t have gone. Anjali slips and gets sprained. Amrita says don’t worry, I will do all the household work. Amrita sees Chanda looking around the house.

Amrita comes to Chanda and asks what happened? Chanda says I am looking for my Bappu’s medicines. I miss him. Amrita says you are with me and your family will come back soon. Chanda says Dadi was fine, why did they leave us here? Amrita says they didn’t want to worry you. They had to take your Dadi back home.

Chanda cries and says Bappu can’t live without me, I can’t live without him. I can’t sleep without him. Amrita says you can sleep with me. Chanda says I want my Bappu. Amrita feels sad and says you are brave, don’t do this. Chanda cries. Maasa calls Amrita so she consoles Chanda and leaves.

Scene 2
Tara comes to Amrita and asks where is Minakshi? We should go to play some games. Amrita says we will go soon but you have to keep Chanda happy till then. Tara leaves. Amrita says Chanda is close with Gopal, how will she live without him?

Chanda is sleeping in bed with Tara. She sees Gopal coming there and gets happy. Gopal hears someone coming there so he hides. Amrita comes there and sees Chanda sleeping. She hugs her and Tara and leaves. Gopal hides from her. Gopal takes Chanda and leaves from there.

Gopal is leaving Amrita’s house but the gabg stops him and starts beating him. Chanda screams for him. Gopal beats the goons. A gang leader takes Chanda and shoots at Gopal. Chanda is shocked.. it all turns out to be Chanda’s dream. She cries so Tara pushes her off the bed and asks her to stop crying. Chanda says I will search for my Bappu.

In the mroning, Chanda comes to Amrita and is crying. Amrita says you have to go to school, don’t cry I will go with you. Chanda says you are not my mama. Amrita is hurt but says that I am like your mother and your family will be back soon. We will do so many things today. I have even cooked your favorite food. Chanda goes to the mandir and says I just want my Bappu.

Rajeev comes to Tara and asks her to get ready for the school. Tara says I want to sleep, I couldn’t sleep last night because Chandini kept crying and calling for her Bappu. Rajeev calls Amrita. She comes there with Chanda. He asks why were you crying? Chanda says I want my Bappu. Rajeev says what? Your mother said you don’t have a father? Chanda says I want to go and search for him. Rajeev says really?

He grabs her hand and says let me take you then. You can leave Tara’s life. He leaves. Tara taunts Chanda that your father left you because he doesn’t love you. He might have died right? Chanda screams and says nothing will happen to my Bappu. She pushes Tara and leaves. Tara cries and calls Rajeev. All come there. Tara says Chandini pushed me. Rajeev shouts at Amrita to kick out that girl. Amrita is shocked.

Amrita looks around for Chanda in the hosue and can’t find her. She calls Alok and says Chanda is missing.

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