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Sanjog 25th August 2022 Rajini calls the hospital and takes an appointment with the doctor of Amrita.

Lakshita comes to meet Amrita. She asks her to go to the orphanage with her. She finds a nightie that Rajeev bought with her and asks how come you have this? Amrita says Rajeev bought this for me. Lakshita is shocked.

Gopal and Gauri are dressed up. Gauri says I want to live a palace life like that woman. Gopal asks her to stop thinking about what she can’t achieve. They both enter a bus and hijack it. Gauri asks the passengers to give their belongings to them, she shows them a knife.

Amrita and Lakshita are in the orphanage. Amrita is mingling with kids when she finds a kid on the roof running behind a cat, she is shocked. Amrita jumps the ladder and saves her in time.

Gopal and Gauri are stealing from the people in the bus when they hear the police coming behind. Gauri says don’t worry. Amrita’s brother is in the police car. They stop the bus.

The orphanage owner thanks Amrita for saving the kid, she says people leave their kids here when they can’t support them. Amrita says I am not able to bear a child so others are lucky. The owner says what if you adopt a baby? Amrita says I never thought about it. Lakshita thinks she can’t allow her to adopt a baby. Maa Sa calls Amrita and asks her to come home.

Lakshita comes to Rajeev and asks what is he up to? You gave my nightie to her? Rajeev says she found it, I love you but I just need time. Lakshita says when she will become a mother then you will tell her? She is thinking to adopt a baby.

Rajeev says she can’t do that. Lakshita says you can’t keep fooling us both, if Amrita becomes a mother then my dreams will break, you have to talk to her today only.

Amrita comes home. Rajini meets her and says just be strong. Amrita is confused. Maa Sa has got Amrita’s pregnancy reports and says she was trying for IVF and couldn’t succeed which means she can’t become a mother? Amrita comes there.

The bus people tell the police that robber ran away before you stopped us. They were clever. The police makes Gopal and Gauri’s sketch. Amrita’s brother gets a call and leaves from there.

Maa Sa glares at Amrita and asks how did you start for this without telling me? The doctor says she has 1% change still. Maa Sa says I want my heir, does Rajeev know about IVF? she couldn’t become a mother even after doing IVF.

Amrita says God can do miracles. Maa Sa says I want my heir and I need to take a strong decision. Amrita says I have never answered you back but this is about our baby so Rajeev and I will take a decision.

Lakshita tells Rajeev that you have to choose between me and Amrita today only. She leaves from there. Rajeev is stressed.

Maa Sa asks the doctor to leave. She goes with Rajini. Maa Sa tells Amrita that she can’t answer her back. Amrita says it’s about our baby. Maa Sa shouts where is your baby? you did all the treatments but where is your baby?

She starts coughing so Amrita brings water for her but she throws it away. Amrita’s brother comes there and asks what happened? Maa Sa says she kept fooling us for 7 years, she can’t become a mother. She shows the reports to him.

Amrita says Rajeev is with me and there is still hope. Maa Sa asks her to stop it. Her brother says we will find another way. Maa Sa says she has tried all the methods but nothing worked. A woman arrives there from the orphanage and thanks Amrita for adopting a baby. Amrita is shocked.

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