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Sanjog 24th October 2022 Amrita tells Gauri that I will give you 20 crores but you will take your family and come with me. Gauri says I have no family. Amrita says I know everything, I will give you the money but you have to leave Chandini and come with me to take the money.

Gauri takes out her knife and says you are doing a deal for Chandini but if you try anything then I will kill Chandini with this knife. I will be at your location in 2 hours. She leaves. Amrita calls Alok and says Gauri and her family will be at the location.

Savita is massaging Maasa’s feet. Gauri comes there and says I prayed for Chandini’s life, can I go there with Amrita and pray for your health too? Savita says can I go with her? Amrita comes there and says there is no need, we have a lot of work in the house.

Gauri says Maasa wouldn’t agree. Maasa says they want to go to the mandir so let them go. Maasa asks Gauri and Savita to go in the car with the driver. Gauri smirks looking at Amrita.

Amrita sees Tara and Chandini coming home. She says why did you both come back early? Tara says there was a competition in the school but I didn’t want to take part in it. amrita says you shouldn’t do that. Amrita thinks I have one hour before taking Gauri out. I have to protect Chandini.

She goes to the kids and asks Chandini to play hide-and-seek with Tara. Chandini covers her eyes. Gauri comes there so Chandini catches her. Gauri asks Chandini if she will go to the mandir with her? Chandini nods. Gauri tells Amrita that Chandini will go to the mandir with me and I will keep her till I get my money.

Gopal, Panna, and Heera are sitting in the car. Gauri and Chanda come there. Gauri says Amrita is coming with us. Gopal asks what are you up to now? Gauri says we will get money and our lives are going to change. Amrita comes there and smirks. Tara comes there and takes the car keys, she says I want to play with Chandini, leave her here. Amrita says you know Tara won’t let us go.

Gopal says let Chandini stay back as she has no work there. Chandini goes back in the house with Tara. Gauri looks on. Amrita sits in the car and they drive away. Amrita brings them to a site. Gopal says what is going on? They find Safa Gang’s member there. The member points a gun at Gopal.

all are shocked. He asks them to get off from the car. The gang member says you thought you could run away from us? Gauri says we won’t work with you. The gang member says I want my share that you got from the Kothari house. Gopal says we don’t steal anymore. Alok arrives there with his force, he has made their video already. Amrita asks Alok to leave the house. Alok grabs Gopal.

Amrita says I knew something was wrong. She tells Gauri that I will give education to your kids and Chandini will stay with me. Gauri says I did a mistake but please don’t get us arrested. Amrita says you lied to us. Gauri begs her to forgive her. Alok says don’t trust her. Gauri takes out her knife and grabs Amrita. All are shocked. She shouts at Alok to put the gun down, he does it. Amrita tries to push Gauri away but she pushes her and runs from there. Amrita asks Alok to take them all away, I will go behind Gauri, I know where she would be going.


Sanjog 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gauri says instead of taking Chanda, i should take Tara then I’ll get more money, I’ll take both of them. Gauri says to Chanda, I’ll run with Tara and Chandani will catch us. Tara says yes let’s run and she starts running with her. Amrita sees Gauri running with Tara on her back.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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