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Sanjog 24th August 2022 Rajini is taking care of her kids in Amrita’s room when her daughter Tanya kicks a dustbin. Rajini finds Amrita’s pregnancy reports inside and finds out her IVF report.

Lakshita tells Amrita that she has some work so she is leaving. Amrita asks her to brother to drop her off, he goes with her.

Rajeev is thinking about Lakshita. Amrita says let’s open the gifts together. Rajeev says I am tired. Amrita says I know the truth, I never thought I would see this after 7 years of marriage. Rajeev is shocked and finds a lipstick mark on his neck in the mirror. He recalls Lakshita kissing him and says I..

Amrita says you should have told me, I never thought you would be this romantic. She shows the nightie to him and says you bought this for me right? Rajeev recalls buying it for Lakshita. Amrita thanks him and says I thought you would like it. Amrita says I don’t wear these kinds of clothes but I will try.

Rajeev wipes the lipstick before she could see it. Amrita gifts him a bracelet and says I designed it for you. She takes his picture and sends it to Lakshita. Amrita says we should spend some time together. Rajeev says it’s late now. Suddenly lights go off so he goes to check.

Amrita is standing alone in her room and says I got many gifts today but biggest gift would be having a baby. The flashback shows Amrita praying in any way she can to get a baby. Doing all the treatments, prayers, poojas but nothing worked. Rajeev goes to sleep while Amrita stays up.

Gauri is awake and says to God that if people can reach skies then why can’t we become rich and get powerful? Gopal asks why does she keep thinking about it now? Gauri says I never saw someone’s status like that before, I used to think about stealing only but now I want that status like that queen. Gopal laughs at her and says you can dream but this is our reality. Gauri says I will fly with my wings.

Rajini is trying to find the IVF results, she calls the hospital and asks the nurse about it but she says it’s confidential so we can’t tell oyu.

Amrita is cooking in the kitchen. Maa Sa comes there and asks if she remembers her wish? Amrita says your blessing is with me so there will be a good news soon. Maa Sa says I have been waiting for 7 years and if I don’t get a news soon then I will have to take some decision.

A man comes to Gopal and says I want my share. Gopal says but we didn’t steel anything because some guards arrived there. The man looks at Amrita’s photo and asks what’s this? Gauri says this is mine. He says you have no status to pose like this. Gauri points a knife at him and says don’t you dare touch it.

She says this is mine so go away. Gopal says she is pointing an english knife at you, don’t worry. We didn’t steal anything, I am not lying. Gauri asks him to not take a step at her, she asks him to get lost. Gopal tells the man that he will control Gauri, the man leaves. Gauri tells Gopal that we will do something big and go away from this life of stealing. She looks at Amrita’s photo and says I will go in her life even if I have to kill someone.

Rajeev thinks to take the nightie for Lakshita but Amrita comes there. Rajeev says I thought to get it changed as you are not comfortable with it. Amrita says it shows that you still love me, this is my gift so you won’t change it.

She says we will go to the orphanage today. Rajeev says I have a lot of work, can you handle it please? He gives her money but she gives it back and says I don’t need money but you.. it’s okay, I will manage alone. He thanks her. Amrita makes him wear the bracelet and says this is our marriage identity. Rajeev leaves from there. He thinks I have to get another nightie for Lakshita.

Rajini calls the hospital and says I am pregnant so I need to meet the doctor. The nurse gives her an appointment. Rajini says I will find out her results now.

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