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Sanjog 21st October 2022 Rajeev asks Amrita what is Chandini and her mother doing here? He shows the chicken to her. Gauri takes it from there. Amrita says there is no truth behind them staying here. Rajeev says I am not a fool, you are hiding something from me. Amrita gets worried. Rajeev gets Rakshita’s message and says I will talk to you later. He leaves.

Gauri is drinking alcohol. Amrita comes there and says I told you to not drink here. I will throw you out of the house today. Gauri is drunk and says stop it. I drink alcohol so you can’t stop me. You know I brought a chicken for Chandini, I asked her to cut it but she couldn’t. She is a coward girl because she is not my daughter. amrita says then leave her here and I will give her an education.

Gauri says I can leave her with you but what will I get in return? I want 20 crores and Chandini will be yours. Amrita thinks if she finds out that Chanda is my daughter then she will ask for way more. Amrita says you are drunk right now, we will talk in the morning. Gauri says I might increase my price till then.

Rakshita shows the dresses to Rajeev and says I want to buy these. Rajeev is thinking, she asks what happened? Rajeev tells her everything about Minakshi. Rakshita says just find some flaw against Amrita and throw her out of the house.

Gopal sits with Chanda, she says I am your daughter and will never leave you. She finds his wounds and says you must be hurt. Gopal says I am okay now. You are my life. Chanda says promise to never leave me? He says yes. Chanda says I am not sleepy. Gopal plays with her and says you are my daughter and will always be. He asks her to go and sleep. Amrita sees them together.

Chandini is leaving so Amrita stops her and asks where were you? She takes her to the mandir and says we never lie in front of Mata Rani. She asks if the driver is her father? I have heard you calling him bappu. Don’t lie here.

Gauri is sleeping in the kitchen. She wakes up and doesn’t find Chanda there. She starts looking around for her. Amrita asks Chanda if the driver is her real father? Chanda says yes, he is my father and that woman Sarita is my Dadi. Those kids Panna and Heera are my siblings. Amrita is shocked hearing all that. Gauri comes there and asks what are you doing here Chandini? Amrita says she was scared so I brought her to the mandir, she gives her parsad and says Mata Rani is with you.

She gives parsad to Gauri also. Gauri takes Chanda from there. Amrita says the whole gang is in the house. I can’t even tell anything to Rajeev. This Gauri doesn’t love my Chandini, she can sell her for money. I can’t lose my daughter so I have to separate her from Gauri. I want to save my Chandini from bad people and I will do anything as her mother. I will fight the world for my daughter.

In the morning, Amrita talks with Alok and says if I throw them out of the house then I will lose my Chandini. I can’t lose Tara or Chanda. Alok says why didn’t you tell me all this before? Amrita says I want both my daughters with me. If I fight for Chanda’s custody then we have to arrest Gauri and her family. Alok says they need to come out of the house and then I can arrest them. Can you do that? Amrita says I can’t lose my daughter again. I will get thie Safa gang arrested.

In the morning, Gauri says to herself that I was so drunk. I even asked for 20 crores from Amrita. She finds some money in the house and starts picking it. She finds Amrita standing there. Gauri says I saw some money here, she says sorry for saying a lot last night. I was just drunk. I love Chandini a lot and she is my own daughter. I would never sell her off. Amrita shows the video of money to her and says I accept your offer. I will give you 20 crores. Gauri is shocked.

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