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Sanjog 19th October 2022 Amrita says Gauri gave birth to Tara? No, she is my daughter, I raised her as my own. She tries to call Alok but his phone is off. Amrita hides the reports under her bed and leaves. Gauri comes to her room and looks around to find the reports. She can’t read the reports but she finds her photo on the reports. She says these are my hospital papers, what if she is trying to adopt Chanda? I have to ask someone about these reports.

Amrita gets a call from the school to come and talk about Tara. Amrita arrives there and finds Tara fighting with Chanda. She finds Chanda’s head bandaged. She asks what happened? The principal says Tara beat Chandini up. Chanda says nothing happened to me. Amrita asks Tara to say sorry to her.

She thinks she is my daughter as I raised her up. Tara says sorry to Chanda. Amrita says sorry to the other girl and Chandini. Tara shouts that you think I am always wrong, you can become her mother then. Chanda says sorry to Tara and says don’t talk to her like that. Tara says stop it, she leaves from there.

Gauri brings the reports to a medical store and asks him if he can read the reports for her? He says Amrita had a daughter and her daughter had a moon mark on her neck. Gauri is shocked. He says your report says that your daughter have a birth mark under her foot. Gauri is stunned. She takes the reports and leaves.

Gauri says now I understand what was going on. Our daughters got exchanged in the hospital. She sees Amrita in the park with Tara and Chanda. She goes to them and says I will feed her food now as she is my daughter. Amrita says what are you talking about? Gauri says don’t act dumb, you know Tara is my daughter. Tara says I am not. Chanda says I am your daughter.

Gauri says I also thought so but you were born by Amrita that’s why she is weak for you. She says you will be my lucky charm and Tara is my daughter so what she owns is mine too. She says I will live like a queen now.. it all turns out to be Gauri’s dream. Gauri laughs and says I have to confirm if Tara is my daughter, I have to find out if she has a mark on her foot.

Amrita brings Tara and Chanda home. Tara tells Maasa that Mama scolded me too much. Amrita says she beat up a girl and Chanda.

Gauri puts the reports back in Amrita’s room and comes to Amrita. Maasa is scolding Amrita for scolding Tara. Tara says she doesn’t love me anymore. Gauri smiles and thinks I have to find out about the mark.

She mistakenly throws water around Tara and says I am sorry, I will clean it up. Tara pushes her away and says you are a servant. Gauri says its okay, I will clean your feet. Gauri takes off her shoes and finds a mark there. Tara shouts at her to move away, you are a servant. Gauri smiles and thinks Tara is my daughter.

Gauri comes to Sarita’s room and is sharpening her knife. Sarita says don’t do anything in haste. Gauri says I want money, I want their money. Sarita takes the knife from her and says we have to wait for 6 months.

Gauri says my own daughter is insulting me because I am poor, uneducated and a thief? Sarita says Chanda insulted you? Gauri says I mean she got beaten up by Tara which is an insult for me. I want money at anu cost. Sarita says talk to Gopal then.

Tara comes to her safe room and puts the medical reports there. Amrita says Gauri can’t take my Chandini from me now.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
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