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Sanjog 18th October 2022 Amrita tells Tara that Chandini and you together will make each othe stronger. Tara hugs Chandini and says we will go to school together.

Chanda brings chocolates for her brother Bitto. He is angry that she didn’t bring more. He grabs her arm so she screams. Amrita comes there and asks what’s going on? She asks Chandini why were they hurting you? Chanda says my brother.. Gauri comes there and says she is like your younger sister so you can’t hit her. She beats him so Amrita stops her. She asks the kids to leave.

Amrita tells Gauri to not hit the kids. Gauri says she is my baby, wouldn’t you be angry if someone hurts Tara? I kept her in me for 9 months. I have told you to stay out of my matters with my daughter, I will leave with Chandini otherwise. Amrita says I told you to stop threatening me, I am keeping Chandini here to make her study and become a good human, don’t think I can’t throw you out of the house without Chandini.

A mother is not about just giving birth but making their lives and nurturing them. Don’t think I can’t throw you out without Chandini. Gauri thinks she got angry, she says don’t be angry. Amrita says don’t talk about taking Chandini away from now on.

Tara and Chandini are ready for the school. Amrita sees them off and they leave. Amrita comes to the mandir and thinks Minakshi is showing her colors now.

Gauri scolds her kids and tells them to stop messing with Chanda. She is our ace for all this.

Amrita is praying in the mandir and says if Chandini is my daughter then who is Minakshi’s daughter? She recalls how they had an accident and they were at the same hospital and had a delivery at the same time. She thinks if Tara is her daughter? I have to find this truth.

Gauri thinks Amrita is usually calm so why did she get so angry when I talked about taking Chanda away? Rakshita comes there and asks her to give water. Minakshi says then you can take it yourself. Rakshita says just give it. Minakshi pushes water on her. Rakshita shouts at her but Minakshi grabs her and says don’t mess with me. You came from the jail? You think you can fool me? I have eyes on you now. Just leave. Rakshita says just wait, I will call Amrita.

Amrita comes to the hospital records room. The person gives her the reports from that date. She finds Gauri’s name on Chanda’s file. She thinks Minakshi’s real name is Gauri?

Gauri, Gopal and the family are eating together. Gauri says I don’t want to live here like servants. Gopal says we have to wait for 6 months before doing anything as my case is still active. That Amrita is nice, she is taking care of our daughter. Gauri says she takes care of her like she is her daughter. Waht if she takes Chanda from us?

Gopal gets angry and says stop. Nobody can snatch Chanda from me. Gauri stops him and says you are blinded by Chanda only. Sarita asks them to calm down. Gopal says Chanda is lucky for us but don’t ever talk about someone else taking our daughter. Gauri says I have to find out what Amrita is about.

Amrita comes to the mandir and cries. She opens Chanda’s reports and finds that she is her real daughter. She opens Tara’s reports and finds Gauri’s photo there, she is shocked to find out that Tara is Gauri’s daughter.

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Telecast Date:18th October 2022
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