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Sanjog 17th October 2022 Gopal is playing with Chanda and she calls him Bappu. Amrita comes there and asks what’s going on here? Gopal moves away and says she was hurt so I came to help her, I am sorry. Amrita says it’s okay.

Chanda tells Amrita that you can take Kothari’s name from me as I want Tara as my friend. Amrita says you need this name to study, I want you to become educated so I will talk to Tara. Gopal says it’s great to see you doing all this, I don’t see people helping others. She is lucky to have found you. Amrita says I am lucky.

Rajeev asks Maasa why did she listen to that Minakshi (Gauri), you shouldn’t have allowed her to bring a woman for massages, she even brought her grandkids. They will all stay here in Manju’s room now.

Gauri comes to Sarita, Panna and Heera. Gauri tells Chanda to not talk to them in front of the others. We don’t know them outside this room. Gopal comes there and hugs his kids. Gauri says I have a gift for you.

Maasa tells Rajeev that this woman Sarita will take care of me. Gauri screams about a snake. Amrita and Rajeev come to her. Gauri says I saw a snake roaming around. It was going near Sarita’s room, Chandini is there too. Rajeev says I call for help. Gopal comes there and says I can go and catch it.

Rajeev says these people know how to do it. Amrita asks Gopal to be careful. Amrita opens the safe room and Gopal goes in to catch the snake. He looks at all the gold there and thinks I can’t steal right now. He comes out of the room and shows a bag to Rajeev, he says I caught the snake. He leaves from there. Anjali sees all that and thinks I have to do something.

Gauri tells Gopal to be ready to steal from that room.

Anjali comes to Tara and says Chandini will snatch everything from you as she took your name too. Amrita comes there and says you are teaching all this to my daughter? I will tells Rajeev. Anjali says you think Rajeev will listen to you? He won’t. Tara tells Amrita that I will stay with Anjali if you don’t take my name from Chandini.

Amrita says don’t be like this, Chandini is your friend. Tara says she won’t go to school with me, she will not sleep in my room also. Anjali will take me to school from now on. Chanda comes there and hears all that. She sadly leaves. Amrita goes to her and says don’t worry, I will talk to Tara.

Gopal brings Tara and Anjali to the school. Anjali drops her and goes away without even greeting her.

Tara is in the school and the principal gives them another drawing assignment. She says I have high hopes from Tara. Tara makes a drawing but the principal is disappointed in her, she says you cheated that day? Tara cries and runs from there.

Anjali is outside the school and talking on the phone. Gopal is angry at her for making Tara against Chandini. He takes a stone and is about to throw at her but she turns around so he stops.

Tara comes home and she is crying. She asks Anjali to leave. Amrita comes there and consoles Tara. She hugs her and says don’t cry. Tara tells her how Anjali left her outside the school and she had no help to make a drawing.

Amrita says only friends are allowed in school. If Chandini is your friend then why can’t she share a name with you? You both would be each other’s strength in the school. Tara says I want to be strong. I will be with Chandini. Chanda comes there and hugs her.

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