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Sanjog 14th October 2022 Rajeev asks Amrita if she put the grease in Maasa’s room? Amrita says you have to find out the truth first. I think salt will help us, all are confused. Amrita takes Rajini from there. She brings her to the kitchen, all come there. Amrita asks Rajini to choose which one is salt from the jars.

Rajini chooses one jar. Amrita asks her to taste it. Rajini says what is going on? You have gone crazy? Maasa says she is stalling. Rajeev says stop all this. Rajini says she is making us crazy. Amrita asks Rajini to just taste it. Rajini goes to Gauri and asks her to open her mouth and tastes it. Gauri tastes and spits it, she says it’s soda. Amrita says you thought it was salt but I had put soda in it.

Minakshi did a mistake, she thought it was cleaner but it was grease in the bottle. She is a human and did a mistake. Rajini says you can make up stories. Rajeev tells Amrita that I know you can’t do such an act. He tells Gauri to be careful from now on. He asks Rajini to end this matter. Amrita smiles at Rajeev. Lakshita angrily leaves.

Gauri comes to Amrita and thanks her. He says your husband trusts you. Gauri says you know if someone says anything to my daughter then.. she leaves.

Lakshita comes to Rajeev and says you trust her blindly. Rajeev says you know Amrita won’t do anything like this. We have to find a solid mistake against her. He says I want to make you my wife so don’t worry. He gets a call from the hospital and asks the nurse to come for his mother. He tells Lakshita that I can’t lose Tara so I have to be careful. He leaves from there.

Gauri is rubbing Maasa’s back, she asks her to put less pressure. Amrita brings juice for her. Maasa says I am hungry so bring food.

Tara comes to Chandini and grabs her hair. She shouts that you are not a Kothari. Amrita and Gauri come there. They try to pull Tara back. Amrita is about to slap Tara but she bites on Chandini’s hand. Amrita shouts that you can’t hurt your friend. Rajini says Tara is right, Chandini is not a Kothari.

Gauri says I don’t want it, Amrita gave it to Chandini. Tara says I won’t talk to her if you give her my name. The flashback shows how Rajini told Tara that we are Kotharis and own everything here but Chandini has become Kothari so she can snatch everything from you. The flashback ends.

Tara asks Amrita to take their name back from Chandini otherwise she will throw her out of the house, she leaves. Amrita sees Chandini crying and is sad. Rajini says she was right. Gauri shouts that we are not beggars, don’t make me angry. Rajini angrily leaves.

Amrita comes to Tara and tries to talk to her and says we can’t take the name from Chandini, I am your mama right? Tara says you are not listening to me. Amrita asks her to calm down.

Maasa calls Amrita so she leaves. Rajeev comes to Maasa and says the nurse is coming for your massage. Gauri is massaging her feet. Maasa says they are not good. Gauri says I think you should hire a person who has done it for years, I know one person. Maasa says then call her there. Amrita looks on.

Gopal is playing with Chandini. He makes her laugh and says don’t be sad. Amrita comes there and sees them playing. She hears her calling him bappo.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
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