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Sanjog 13th October 2022 Amrita comes to her room and sees Lakshita hugging Rajeev. Rajeev says Amrita? Lakshita hugs Amrita and says I have lived and suffered for 7 years so I don’t want to leave you guys now. Amrita says don’t feel alone, I am here for you. Rajeev smirks. Amrita brings Lakshita to her room and says don’t worry, I am with you.

Gauri comes to the garden and looks around for her whiskey bottle. Amrita comes there and says you can’t drink alcohol here, there are kids here so don’t do all this. Gauri says you think I have drunk? You can smell my breath.

Amrita says I don’t want to. Gauri makes her smell her breath and says you can’t smell alcohol right? I didn’t drink but you blamed me just because I am poor. You can’t insult me just because I am poor. Don’t play with my honor otherwise I will leave with Chandini. Amrita says why are you acting vague? Don’t do this mistake again.

Scene 2
In the morning, Chanda bumps into Maasa mistakenly so she scolds her and says I will have to shower as you touched me, you are not clean. She leaves from there. Gauri looks on. Rajini sits with Rajeev and says Amrita doesn’t take care of you, she makes him eat. Gauri sees that.

Gauri comes to Maasa’s room and puts grease and soap there. She says now this oldie will learn her lesson. She leaves from there. Maasa comes there and slips on the soap, she screams so all come to her. Rajeev takes her to the hospital. Amrita finds grease on the floor and looks on.

Amrita comes to Gauri and says I brought something for you, she shows her bangles and holds her hands. She smells grease on her hand and says you did that with Maasa? Gauri shouts yes, I am a human and a mother. I can’t see my daughter keep getting insulted, I have had enough today. Nobody can stop me from protecting her. If someone tries to hurt her then I will leave with Chandini.

Amrita says don’t bring her in this. Gauri says she is in the middle, she is my daughter so I won’t let her suffer by hearing those taunts. Amrita says Maasa does some mistakes but I apologize on her behalf, don’t punish Chandini for this. She is happy here, she is studying and learning new things. If anyone finds out that you did this then everything will be spoiled. Everyone will doubt you and throw you out.

Gauri says I don’t care, I will leave today only. Amrita says stop this rubbish, I am trying to tell you that it’s good for Chandini to stay here. Gauri says then talk to Maasa but I won’t listen to you, she is wrong. Amrita says it’s your mistake today. Gauri says then stop her taunts, handle her but I don’t care.

Amrita cleans up the grease in Maasa’s room and says nobody can find out that Minakshi (Gauri) did this. She is cleaning harshly but Rajini enters the room. Rajini finds the grease on the floor and glares at Amrita. She asks what were you doing? Amrita says I am just cleaning. Rajini says you tried to kill Maasa?

I will tell Rajeev that you did this. I will get her reports first. If something happens to her then Rajeev won’t spare you. She shows her medical reports and says when Rajeev knows this then he will throw you out of the house. Lakshita comes there. Rajini says now Rajeev will decide your punishment. Gopal and Gauri hide, they hear everything. Rajini says I have sent the message to Rajeev. Amrita says I didn’t do this.

The doctor checks Maasa and says she has no majore injuries. Rajeev brings her back home. He checks the grease on the floor. Amrita says I want to talk to you. Maasa says you wanted to kill me? I would have died today. Amrita stares at Gauri. Rajini tells Rajeev that you should decide now. Gauri thinks if she is thrown out then we will have to leave. Rajink asks Rajeev to take a decision now. Rajeev asks Amrita if they are telling the truth? Amrita looks on.

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