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Sanjog 12th October 2022 The principal shows chandini’s drawing and says this was made by Tara. Amrita asks Tara to thank Chandini, she thanks her and takes the prize. Gauri looks on. Amrita says let’s go home now.

Gopal is hiding outside the school. He sees Amrita and Gauri leaving. The driver takes Tara and Chandini in another car. The driver is inebriated because of Gopal’s laddos. He drives recklessly, Gopal comes there and stops the car when the driver faints. Tara starts crying and says I want to go home. Gopal says I will take you there.

Tara and Chandini come back home. Tara cries and tells them everything. Tara says an uncle saved us, he is here. Gopal enters the house and greets them. Tara says he saved us. Amrita thanks Gopal. He says I saw the kids so I saved them. Rajeev thanks him. Amrita says Yadav never drank on job.

Rajeev says I will fire him now. Maasa says we will need a driver. Gauri comes there and says I know this person, he is a good driver and saved Chandini’s life today. Amrita says we can give him a driving job.

Gopal says I am looking for a job. Amrita asks Rajeev to hire him. He says okay and asks Gopal to take care of his daughter. Gopal says I can understand, your daughter will be like my daughter. Gauri smirks. Chandini goes to the mandir and thanks Mata for bringing her bappo in the house.

Tara and Chandini are in the room, Chandini says I will study like you in the school. Tara says you are going to school just to take care of me. She recalls how Rajini told her that Chandini might surpass her, she will take her trophies and everyone will love her. Tara says I don’t want that. Rajini gives her a plan. The flashback ends. Chandini tells Tara that I want to study and do something for my family, I will become like yours. Tara throws her on the floor and says you can never surpass me.

Amrita comes there and tells Tara that Chandini never fought with you, you know she will never hurt you and will always help you in moving ahead. You have to make chandini stronger, she is your friend so you can’t let people insult her. Tara says you are right, she tells Chandini that I will help you in studying. Amrita says you are both best friends. Gopal hides and sees that. He smiles and leaves.

Amrita calls Rajeev, Lakshita is there too. Amrita asks him to find a lawyer for Lakshita. Rajeev says this is too much. Amrita says please do this for me, Rajeev says I have a lawyer friend. You will be busy by that time.

Amrita says then you can take Lakshita there. Rajeev says okay and ends the call. Amrita tells Lakshita that Rajeev loves me so he said yes. Amrita says I can’t go so you will go with Rajeev. Lakshita thanks her and leaves. Lakhita messages Rajeev that I love you, I will see you tonight.

Rajeev comes home. Amrita asks Lakshita to go with him, everything will be alright. She leaves. Rajeev and Lakshita leave the house. Rajini comes to Gopal and asks him to stay away from Gauri and Chandini, they are cheap people. Gopal is angry but controls it.

Gopal and Gauri are sitting in the garden. Gauri says I want to set that Rajini right but I can’t do anything. She drinks wine and says we will soon run away with the money. Amrita calls Gopal so he comes to them. Rajini asks him to take her somewhere, he leaves with her. Amrita is coming near Gauri. She smells alcohol and asks what are you doing here? She hears Rajeev’s car so she goes to them. Lakshita goes inside the house. Amrita asks Rajeev if everything was alright? He says yes.

Amrita asks Tara and Chandini to sleep. Chandini says I want to study more. Amrita says you can study tomorrow. She tucks them in the bed. She thinks to check on Minakshi.

Gauri comes to the kitchen and she is drunk. She says Amrita can’t see me like this.

Amrita comes to her room and sees Lakshita hugging Rajeev. She is stunned.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
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