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Sanjog 10th October 2022 Amrita expresses worry for Chanda and says that she has the right to live in the house in peace. While Gauri urges her not to make any vows she won’t be able to keep, she vows that she would force Tara to share her room with Chanda. She says that Amrita is compassionate and worried about Chanda,

but she goes on to say that the rest of the family won’t appreciate her plan. Gauri is reassured by Amrita that she will definitely keep her word before she leads Chanda and Gauri to Tara’s chamber.

Tara is now eager to show Chanda around her room. When Ranjini arrives, she instigates Chanda against her while she moves her bed to make room for Chanda. She hands Tara some toys and asks how Chanda and the toys will allow her to adjust on the bed. Ranjini has an effect on Tara, and she decides not to allow Chanda to have s*x with her.

Chanda, Gauri, and Amrita all enter Tara’s room. She argues that Tara and Chanda should share her bed, but Chanda refuses. When her scheme succeeds, Ranjini smirks, but Gauri begs Amrita not to mock their emotions. Amrita approaches her daughter and tells her that Chanda must remain in her room.

Scene 2
Ranjini confronts Amrita in another location and inquires about their relationship with Chanda. She wonders why she is so concerned about the latter. Amrita joins Tara on her seat and gives her a forehead kiss. She starts by saying that Tara is a blessing from God that she received after seven years of prayer. She expresses her love for Tara before claiming that the day she stopped Chanda from sliding was the day she realized Chanda was her second daughter.

Gauri grins as she looks at Amrita as she expresses her affections for Tara and Chanda. Amrita, meantime, explains to Tara how Chanda will make her feel at home and asks her to share her toys with the latter. Tara says she will go to the school with her and agrees to it. She expresses her joy at being with Chanda while Ranjini becomes enraged.

Scene 3
Later, Ranjini challenges Amrita and declares that Tara would soon oust Chanda from her life. Amrita accepts the challenge and declares that Ranjini will lose it. Rajeev converses with Rakshita on the video conference in the interim. The latter requests that he stay with her so that he may explain the situation to her. Rajeev comes and lies he’s filled Chanda’s form.

Amrita approaches Gauri to inquire about Chanda’s full name, but Gauri tells her to choose any name she chooses. Chanda receives the Kotharis title from Amrita as Gauri beams and places her thumbprint. Amrita, however, expresses her happiness for Chanda and says she will take on her responsibilities. Gopal meets Gauri in the meantime and is delighted to find that Chanda is attending the school.

Additionally, Gopal is enraged and reprimands Gauri for naming Chanda Kothari. He meets his daughter as well, assuring her that nothing can ever keep them apart. Ranjini, on the other hand, incites Rajeshwari to rebel against Amrita and claims Chanda has their title. Amrita uses it, to Rajeshwari’s fury, and the latter is startled. In the meantime, Rajeev dates Rakshita.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
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