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Saavi Ki Savaari 7th October 2022  Episode starts with the reporters telling that the girl will be very lucky. Nutan telling Vedika that she knows why she has come to talk to them. She says we know that when you tell the guests that the marriage is called off, we shall stand with you and says we are ready.

Vedika says my son’s marriage is not cancelled and is happening at the same mahurat, not with Sonam, but with Saavi. Saavi looks shocked. Vedika says whose kundali matches with Nityam. She says she talked to Bade Mahant ji and temple Mahant ji and tells that they told that Saavi is the right girl for Nityam.

Nutan asks what are you saying? Vedika says I am not saying this, but Mahant ji and their kundalis have said. A fb is shown, Mahant ji tells Vedika that he checked the kundalis well, and calculated, and tells that Mahadev has sent Saavi for Nityam and they shall marry today on this mahurat only else difficult time will start for Nityam and all the money, name and fame will be over, trouble will begin in his life and even his death is possible.

Vedika is shocked. Mahant ji says when they are together, they can touch the heights and can bring stability in each other life, and they will together become Saiyam. Fb ends.

Vedika tells that she is ready to forget the mistake which they have done, and is ready to answer the world as for her, her family and Nityam is important. She says everything is in your hands, Saavi and asks if you will marry Nityam, will you become my bahu and Nityam’s wife. Saavi folds her hand and says with so much love and respect, you have proposed my marriage with Nityam, which I refuse.

Saavi says since my childhood, many Pandit ji’s told Maa that my Kundali is so rare that it is difficult to find my match. She says I didn’t take it wrong and thought that I can fulfill my responsibilities with Chattriprasad’s help without any hurdles. She says Dalmia ji wants girl like Sonam and not like me.

She says they are totally different from each other. She says Sonam di has big dreams, aims etc, but my world is Chattriprasa and my responsibilities. She says you will find the girl according to kundali today itself, and says Mr. Dalmia doesn’t like me, I think he hates me, and you know this.

She says that’s why, I refuse for this marriage proposal. Vedika says everything is at risk which is related to my son? She asks you will repent all life after destroying Nityam’s life, and says I don’t know how the wrong kundali came from you all. Saavi says but aunty. Vedika says I had given you a chance to say.

Sonam gets ready in bridal clothes and jewellery. Ratna clicks her pics and says your mother called so many times. Sonam says I will talk to her later and asks her to take her mirror shots. Ratna says only you deserve this ancestral jewellery. Vedika says I will not get any other girl as your kundali only matches with Nityam.

She says few things are not in our hands, and tells that you both are made for each other, and is complementary to each other. She asks Nutan what she would have done if she was on her place. Nutan calls Saavi and tells that Didi is ready to forget whatever happened. She says I am not educated, but understands that the Pandit ji’s can’t be wrong, and says Vedika ji’s trust can never be wrong.

She gives example of Mahadev ji and Parvati ji. She asks what is your problem to marry? Saavi says Mr. Dalmia will never agree, and says our perception is different, neither our class matches nor our Jodi. She says you will convince me by emotionally blackmail me, but he will never agree. She says I can tell this cent percent. Vedika says my son never refuses me? Saavi asks if he agreed?

Vedika says yes, he agreed for marriage. Saavi is shocked and asks if he has no problem with this marriage. VEdika says you are asking only one question and I have one answer for it, he will marry you. She recalls telling Nityam that his marriage with Saavi and not Sonam. Nityam is shocked. Fb ends.

Vedika tells Nutan that she is promising her in this circumstances also, and says your daughter will come to my house as bahu, but will stay as my daughter here. Nutan says I have no doubt, bring your son’s baraat to the mandap, bride will come. Vedika smiles and keeps hand on Saavi’s head. Nityam gets teary eyes.


Saavi Ki Savaari 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vedika says you will accept Saavi as your wife. Nityam says my marriage with Saavi Goel. Sonam shouts. He says I will marry any girl, but not Saavi Goel.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2022
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