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Saavi Ki Savaari 5th October 2022 Episode starts with Saavi and Sonam walking in the resort. Saavi recalls Shivam’s words. Sonam gets Nutan’s call and tells her that she is getting call from bridal team. She says she will go and get ready. Saavi tells Sonam that if she loves Shivam, then she shall not marry Nityam.

Sonam asks if you have gone mad? Ratna prays to God that Sonam’s marriage shall happen with Nityam. Nutan comes and asks her about Sonam. Ratna says she went for some work. Sonam asks Saavi to forget whatever she said to shivam, and says she said all this to handle him.

Saavi says if you marry Dalmia then Shivam will tell about the depth of love of you both. Sonam says it is better for her to marry Nityam, and says better for family. She emotionally blackmails Saavi and says Nityam hates lies, and you have bear his anger already, do you think that everyone will bear his anger. She asks her not to tell anyone about it and asks her to keep her mouth closed. She says she will handle Shivam.

Nityam is on call and tells Kiran that Bidaai event shall be handled well. Tashu comes there and says how romantic, how is your love for Sonam? Nityam says this is PR and says when everyone sees Mrs. Dalmia then the news will be big. Tashu asks if you see anything than business deals. Nityam says I am not thinking about Sonam, as she is infront of me. Tashu asks him to go

Saavi recalls Mahant ji’s words and her promise made to Shivam, she recalls Sonam asking her not to tell anyone. Sonam tells Nityam that she wants to thank him, as he always trusted her. She says you always thought that we are perfect for each other and says she can’t wait to be Mrs. Dalmia. He says ofcourse. He says everything will be fine.

He says sorry and says I couldn’t give time to our relation and says I hate liars and I myself don’t lie. He says I know we are perfect and I guess that we match. He says we will fit in the new box. He asks if she is stressed? Sonam says nothing. Nityam asks if you are worried for something then tell me, I will see. Nutan sees Saavi stressed and asks what happened? She says I can understand seeing your face and asks her to tell the truth. She asks her to say. Saavi cries and hugs her.

Nutan says I didn’t scold you much. Saavi cries still. Nutan asks her to bursts her emotions and says hiding the truth is more worst than lying and asks her to tell the truth. Saavi thinks it is delicate matter, and Sonam di shall tell herself. She tells Nutan that Sonam and Nityam’s kundalis don’t match with each other.

Nutan is shocked and says you might be having some misunderstanding and says Mahant ji had matched the kundalis. Saavi says something wrong had happened somewhere. She says when I took the details of Sonam di’s birth details, Mahant ji said that this is not the rare kundali which they want, and tells that Nityam’s kundali is rare and auspicious. Nutan says your kundali is rare and auspicious and says how did your kundali changed with Sonam. Saavi says Mahant ji said that this marriage can’t happen.

Ratna is happy. Sonam tells Ratna that she had asked Nityam to arrange Z plus security and now Shivam can’t come here. She tells that she has manipulated Saavi not to tell anyone. She then tells Ratna that she has switched off her phone, this is important part of her life and she wants to live it stress free. She says she will become Mrs. Dalmia.

Nutan tells Saavi that they didn’t know how the kundali got changed, but we shall tell this to Vedika. She says we can’t betray her. Saavi says Vedika ji believes kundalis and shashtra and we can’t betray her. Nutan says when we tell this to Vedika, her heart can break and also Sonam’s marriage. Saavi says Om Namashivay, and says right thing shall happen.

Vedika asks Mahant ji if he checked the kundali. Mahant ji says the info was not right, Saavi had gone to check with her family. Vedika says I will ask Saavi. Mahant ji says she will come. Saavi comes there with Nutan.

Mahant ji blesses them. Vedika asks where was you and asks why you didn’t get ready, as marriage mahurat is soon. She asks Nutan to tell the details of Sonam to Mahant ji. Nutan tells that Sonam and Nityam’s kundali doesn’t match. Vedika asks if she is joking to scare her. Saavi says she is not joking and tells that the info was right, but….Nutan says it was not of Sonam’s kundali. She says it is not the rare kundali which can match with Nityam. Vedika sits shocked.


Saavi Ki Savaari 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahant ji asks if the name was wrong then whose kundali was it? Nutan says it was of Saavi. Vedika asks Mahant ji, what to do? He asks her to ask her heart. Vedika closes her eyes and sees Saavi.

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Telecast Date:5th October 2022
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