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Saavi Ki Savaari 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 4th October 2022 Episode starts with Sonam thinking Shiv might have reached behind the resort. Saavi stops Sonam and says she wants to talk to her. Sonam asks her to say, and says she is getting late. Saavi insists to say and asks her to come. Sonam says she doesn’t have time and goes.

Vedika sees Saavi worried and asks what happened? She says all your troubles will go away and says the right thing shall happen. She says I was searching Nutan and wants exact Sonam’s birth details. Saavi says she knows it. Vedika asks her to give the details to Mahant ji. Saavi says ok and goes. Vedika thinks why bade Mahant ji wants to see the kundali again. Saavi thinks whatever happening is not right.

Shivam comes infront of Sonam and says good evening fiancé. Sonam says Shiv you have come. Shivam says yes, I have come. Sonam asks him to listen. He says you have always fooled me and lied to me always. He says I have lost many relations in life, went away from my loved ones, he says I will not lose you, first I will kill him and then myself.

Saavi comes to the Mahant ji. Mahant ji is sitting with his eyes closed and asks her to stop. Saavi turns to him, touches his feet and greets him. He blesses her. Saavi gives him paper and says it has all the details of Didi’s birth. Mahant tells that this information is not right. Saavi says this is right, I know all the details well.

Mahant ji says if the details are right then the bride is wrong. He says Nityam’s difficult kundali couldn’t match with this ordinary kundali. He says if this information is right, then the bride can’t be Sonam Goel. He says the girl shall have difficult kundal matching with Nityam’s kundali, and this kundali is very ordinary. Saavi apologizes to him and says I will talk to my family members about it. She thinks with whom to talk?

Sonam asks Shivam to believe her. Shivam asks if this marriage is of your cousin then call her, I will go from here after meeting her. Sonam says she is a bride, how to call her. Shivam shouts asking her to call her. Sonam thinks what to do, she thinks he has gone mad. Saavi thinks why Didi’s kundali is not matching with Nityam’s kundali. Sonam tells Shivam that her sister is not picking the call.

Shivam asks why is she pretending, when the marriage is of hers. He aims gun at her and is about to go. Sonam shouts and tells Shivam that she is getting married to a rich business, who sits with rich network of people. Saavi hears them. Shivam asks why you are saying this, I had loved you so much and did everything to keep you happy. Saavi sees them together and thinks Sonam di is Shiv Bhaiyya’s love.

Sonam tells Shivam that he couldn’t understand why she is marrying him as she has a family and she has seen her family’s sufferings. She says my younger sister has worked hard and made me complete my MBA. She says my family has done so many sacrifices and I can’t forget it. She says I will do this marriage for my family.

She asks what you will do for your family. Shivam asks what? Sonam says you means a lot to me and is priceless, and tells that the guy whom I am marrying doesn’t know poetry, he don’t take care of my small needs, and he is interested in business plans and not in future plans, and this marriage is event for him.

She says my family deserves this. She emotionally blackmails him telling that she will be marrying for her younger sister, and if she has to sacrifice her love, then she will do it, she will marry for her family. Saavi hears and says a big sacrifice Didi, for everyone and me. She comes there. Sonam cries. Shivam looks at her and calls her Saavi. Sonam hears him and looks at Saavi. Mahant ji is sitting with his eyes closed. Vedika comes there and waits for him to talk. She says bade Mahant ji checked the details of kundali or not. Someone says bade Mahant ji is praying now.

Sonam asks Saavi when did you come? Saavi says if I had come long back, then I would have understood your feelings. Sonam thinks she lied to handle Shivam and it is not her feelings. Saavi asks Shivam if his fiancé and love is Sonam didi. Shivam says you are my love’s younger sister and you are the angel whom got me freed from jail.

He tells Sonam that someone accused him badly and put him in jail. He says Saavi got me freed. Saavi says Nityam gave her lawyer’s number, else she didn’t know any lawyer. Sonam says you didn’t tell me. Saavi says I didn’t know that Shiv’s love is you, whom he loves a lot. Shivam says Saavi understood my love,

but not Sonam. Sonam says I wanted to see you for last time so that I can spend all my life without you. Saavi asks did you love him? Shivam says she said just now that this marriage is her helplessness and she loves me. Sonam says then also I will do this marriage. Shivam asks Sonam to tell the rich guy that she will not marry. Saavi asks Shivam to calm down.

Shivam leaves Sonam’s hand. Sonam goes to Saavi. Saavi says I understand you both, if we take any wrong step, then many people can get hurt. Shivam asks what to do? Saavi says we have to think how to tell this to everyone, as all the rasam happened and just 2 hours left for the rounds.

She asks Shivam to understand. Shivam says he loves Sonam a lot, but he trusts Saavi more. He asks Saavi to promise that this marriage will not happen, else it will be wrong. Saavi swears on Chattriprasad, that she will do everything to break this marriage, and says the right thing shall happen. Shivam kisses on Sonam’s forehead.


Saavi Ki Savaari 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nutan tells Saavi that hiding the truth is more worse than lie. Saavi says if this truth comes out. Nutan asks her to say. Saavi tells Nutan that Sonam can’t marry Nityam. Nutan informs Vedika that the kundali was not of Sonam. Vedika is shocked.

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