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Saavi Ki Savaari 31st August 2022 Episode starts with Nutan introducing Brijesh, Ratna to Vedika. Dada ji says she is our bahu, signing at Saavi. Ratna says she is Sonam’s younger sister Saavi. Yudi says you didn’t identify her without specs.

Nutan asks Nityam to come inside and says our house is small. Vedika says no, your heart is big, we fit in the house. Nityam is about to remove the shoes. Nutan asks him to come inside. He comes inside and touches her feet.

She is surprised and says no, Nityam ji. He asks her to call him Nityam. Sonam asks Saavi to bring the pin and thinks Nityam will think that she is traditional seeing her traditional clothes and asks herself not to tell anyone talk about kundali.

Vedika introduces Dada, Yudi, Himesh and Dimpy to them. Ratna introduces herself again and calls Sonam. Saavi says today you are looking very beautiful Didi. She hopes that the right thing shall happen. Sonam comes out and greets everyone. Vedika says I can’t believe that you are sitting here, infront of me.

She says I didn’t know that the difficult kundali matching with Nityam is yours. Sonam says shall I say something and tells that they have seen the kundalis, but they shall think if their thoughts are matching. She says she will feel good if they focus on these things. Ananya tells Saavi that Sonam di will handle the matter.

Nutan apologizes to Vedika. Vedika says even Nityam feels the same about Kundali. Sonam asks Nityam to say something. Ratna says there are many people here, and asks them to go out. She asks Nityam if he has AC in car. Nityam goes out of the house and says lets go. Ratna signs him. Sonam goes behind him. Ratna says their Jodi is good.

Nityam tells Sonam that before coming here, I met your sister. Sonam says she told me. Nityam says frankly speaking, I wanted to cancel this meeting. Sonam says I would have cancelled if I was on your place.

She says she is my younger sister and sometimes gets jealous of me. She says if anything happens between us in future, then I will make sure that she don’t roam near you. He says lets go out. They sit in the car. He sees her phone ringing and tells her that some Shivu’s number is on the mobile.

Vedika tells Ratna that she is lovely. She asks what is there? Ananya pretends to talk in English on phone. Saavi asks her. Ananya says what Ratna told her. Saavi comes there and keeps the tray. Dimpy says your house is not good, we don’t hope anything from you. Saavi tells her that the house is more worst than now.

She tells that the curtains, tea cups and other things are borrowed by neighbors. Dimpy says you have done this to impress us. Mama ji says Sonam is dear to everyone and asks them to have tea. Dimpy says thank you. She signs Himesh to keep back the cup. Yudi looks at Dimpy. Dimpy says everyone thought and I told. Yudi scolds her indirectly. Mama ji asks them to have tea.

Sonam asks Nityam not to be pressurized on saying yes to their relationship. He says we shall focus on our meeting. She thinks she has worked much to impress him. She recalls Ratna giving her newspaper and Sonam reading everything.

Nityam gets a business call. Sonam asks him to attend the call and tries to impress him. He asks her to decide where to go? Sonam tells about her favorite coffee shop and talks about discipline to impress him. Nityam goes out to talk on phone. Sonam sees Shivu’s video message and comes to know that he is going to the same coffee shop to meet her.

Saavi tells her mother that she has told them that the curtain and crockery are not theirs. She tells that the relation shall be based on trust else it will break. Vedika hears her and praises Saavi. She asks Saavi, if she is doing some course like her Didi.

Ratna praises Saavi. Saavi says Mami ji lied to you, thinking you will make wrong impression of me if I tell you the truth. Vedika asks what you do? Saavi says I ride the rickshaw and says when alliance is going to happen, you shall know everything. Vedika gets impressed with her.

Sonam gets down the car and asks Nityam if they can go home. She says your 5 mins are worth crores and says we can have coffee later. Shivam’s bike stops near the car. Sonam sees him and thinks if he sees me with Nityam. She keeps hand on her face. Shivam starts his bike and goes.

Vedika asks why you are riding the auto rickshaw, when you are attending the college. Saavi says after Papa’s death and Mama ji’s accident, if she had not worked then the house expenses, Sonam’s education, Ananya’s needs and Mama’s treatment couldn’t happen. She says that’s why I ride the rickshaw with so much pride.


Saavi Ki Savaari 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vedika asks Nityam about Sonam. Nityam agrees to marry. Vedika informs Saavi. Saavi sees Sonam hugging Shivam in the coffee shop and gets shocked. Vedika is happy.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2022
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