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Saavi Ki Savaari 30th August 2022 Episode starts with Saavi riding her auto and thinking about Nityam. Nityam is driving his car and thinks of Saavi. She comes home and freshen up. She sees electrician removing ceiling fan and asks Mama ji.

Mama ji says I don’t have time to answer her. Ratna tells that Vedika called her and said that Nityam don’t like ceiling fan. Saavi says I like it. She says you are working uselessly. Saavi goes to Sonam. Nityam comes home. Vedika looks at the bridal dress. Nityam tells that he wants to talk to her.

Vedika asks Tashu to ask him to talk to Sonam. She shos the bridal dress on which she has designed with hand. Nityam appreciates her and says he wants to tell her that Sonam. Saavi comes to Sonam. Sonam says Pinky sent it from parlour to me. Saavi says Nityam Dalmai is not a good person.

She says he is mannerless, selfish, emotion less, and money minded. Sonam asks what nonsense, she aks show did you know her? Saavi says I had gone to meet him in his office, and after whatever happened there, he might refuse for this alliance. Sonam says you had gone there to return the change and he might have insulted you, so you are saying this. Saavi says she didn’t mean to say this.

Ratna scolds Saavi. Saavi says I wanted to clear his misunderstanding, and says he talked bitterly with me and says what is the use of alliance, who heart is so bitter. Sonam asks her to be younger sister, and says if I was on Nityam’s place then would have filed Police complaint against you.

Vedika calls them. Ratna picks the call. Sonam says they have called and might not like to have relation with stupid and mannerless auto girl’s sister. She says I thought that I will get rid of this house and mohalla, but you ruined everything. Saavi says sorry to her mother. Ratna comes back and tells that Vedika ji asked to tell the easiest way to reach home, as Nityam doesn’t keep drivers.

Ananya says this means they are coming. Sonam gets happy. Ratna hugs Sonam and says they are coming. Ananya asks if they will drink green tea.

Tashu is having chips sitting in Nityam’s room. Nityam asks her to go. Tashu says you have problem with auto rickshaw girl family and asks him to go and tell badimaa that he don’t want to marry this girl. Nityam recalls trying to tell Vedika, but couldn’t tell her. He tells Tashu that he couldn’t say seeing Maa so happy.

Tashu asks if he is ready to marry. Nityam says Yudi and you are bad combination. He says Maa herself will refuse seeing their etiquette and manners. He says Maa will identify her. Tashu says Sonam seems to be doubtful.

Shivam calls Sonam. Sonam doesn’t pick his call. Saavi comes there and tells Sonam that Nityam Dalmai and you are perfect match, I was wrong. Sonam stops her and says if I don’t tell you truth then this guilt will be with me all life. She tells that the kundali which matched with Nityam is yours kundali.

Saavi asks why did you change the kundali. Sonam says so that I didn’t get any match and I can concentrate on my career. Saavi says but the kundali matched with Nityam’s kundali. Sonam says I changed the kundalis to make my life better. She says my lie will be caught and you will become Mrs. Dalmai,

and will wear designer clothes and I will be here in this kabad khana. Saavi says you have betrayed big and will get big punishment for your lies. She throws ice water on her. It turns out to be Sonam’s imagination. Sonam says you shall not break my alliance. She asks her not to roam around Nityam when he comes home. Saavi says ok, I promise. Sonam thinks nobody shall talk about Kundali.

Dada ji and yudi are in the car with Vedika and Nityam. Yudi asks Vedika to clear about the kundali. Vedika says I remember. Yudi says where is Himesh and Dimpy? Himesh and Dimpy are in the car. Dimpy tells Himesh that it seems Nityam don’t want to marry. Nityam stops his car outside Goel’s house.

Dimpy sees auto and says auto in house. Himesh says some auto driver must have parked the auto and must be given them money. Nityam rings the bell. Everyone panic. Ananya says they have come.

Mama ji asks Saavi to switch on the pedestal fan. Ratna asks Sonam’s mother to apply her tilak and goes to open the door. She opens the door and gets shocked seeing them. Saavi switches on the pedestal fan and smiles. Vedika gets mesmerized seeing her and gets instant liking for her.

Nityam also sees her. Vedika is about to slip, when Saavi holds her hand and says you have applied break at the right time aunty. Vedika realizes Saavi has saved her in the temple. Saavi smiles. Everyone gets inside the house. Saavi looks at Nityam. Nutan introduces Brijesh and Ratna to Vedika. She is about to introduce Saavi, when dada ji says our bahu. Everyone gets tensed. Saavi thinks of Sonam’s words.


Saavi Ki Savaari 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vedika asks Saavi if she is doing some course like her didi. Saavi says if I tell you about my work, then you will make wrong perception about me. Vedika asks what do you do? Saavi says I ride the auto rickshaw. Saavi’s family gets shocked. Nityam gets up to go outside.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2022
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