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Saavi Ki Savaari 29th August 2022 Episode starts with Sonam recording voice message to send to Shiv, that she is breaking up with him, she gave him two years, but he couldn’t do anything and asking him to forget her.

Just then she gets Shiv’s call. She picks it and calls him Shiv. He asks if she is thinking to break up with him, and says if she does then his dead body will be found in her house next morning, and his photos and messages in her phone. She gets tensed.

He tells that he got the job of 50000 Rs, and says once he gets the offer letter, he will come to her house to talk about their alliance. Sonam gets worried and says wow, it is good news. Saavi comes there and calls Sonam.

Sonam ends the call and asks Saavi what she wants to say. Saavi hugs her and says everyone is happy that you will be marrying Nityam Dalmai, as he has name and money, but I know that you will not think about this, and says your compatibity, likes and dislikes shall match with him. Sonam says you didn’t congrat me even once, and says it seems you are jealous of me, if this marriage break for whatsoever reasons, I will just blame you.

Dada ji and dadi ji throw Sonam’s pic inside Nityam’s room. Nityam says I don’t want to see and slide the pic back. They ask him to see. Nityam says he saw what he wanted too and says he is going to sleep, no girl can make his sleep go.

Saavi thinks of Sonam and Nityam’s words. Nityam thinks about Saavi and thinks I hate cheaters, if I find that Ms. Cheater. Saavi thinks to return his money. Sonam thinks nobody can come between her alliance and her, neither Shiv nor Kundali. She thinks to hide the truth from everyone.

Dadi asks Vedika if she is sure as Nityam agreed to marry without seeing the girl. Vedika says the girl is really nice. Dadi asks her to check once again about the kundali. Vedika says I will ask again, when we go there. She asks her to leave everything on God.

Ratna tells Suhasini that Sonam is taking beauty sleep, as Dalmias are coming there. She says we shall have good food and clothing. Suhasini says my saree is good. Saavi comes to Nityam’s house and thinks to make everything fine.

She comes inside his office and tells Receptionist to make her meet Dalmai sir. The receptionist asks her to leave. Saavi thinks to meet him anyhow. Sonam recalls the neighbors bringing clothes and crockery to her house, and thinks once she marries Nityam, she will never come back to this house, lane or this greedy neighborhood.

Ratna asks what happened? Sonam makes an excuse. Ratna calls Suhasini aloud asking her to come with her to buy curtains. Just then she gets call from Verma aunty, offering to send the curtains. Suhasini comes there and says they don’t want neighbors’ curtain. Sonam likes that Verma aunty only insisted to give. Ratna says you have lied well. Sonam gets tensed.

Ratna says you have done top in lies too, along with MBA. Sonam panics. Ratna says I know that one day your dreams will be fulfilled. Sonam says our dreams and says only you will help me. She says she will change their situation for good. Saavi tells receptionist that Nityam Dalmai sat in her auto today and she wants to return his money.

Receptionist signs her to go. Saavi says she just wants to return the money. She sees the receptionist attending calls and asks him to drink water, as he didn’t drink since 6 hours. Just then bell rings. The receptionist asks her to go and says I need to talk to him in good mood. He asks saavi to hide.

The receptionist asks Nityam if he can get leave of 10 days, as he is getting married. Nityam gives him 1 hour leave to get married. He asks him to think about the contract and asks him to do job well first and then think of marriage. Saavi hears him and gets shocked. She says excuse me, Mr. Dalmai.

She tells that Kiran ji is working since 6 hours like participating in race and haven’t drink a drop of water and you are refusing to give him off. Kiran says sorry to Nityam. Nityam takes water bottle and asks Kiran to drink water. He says I know this girl well, she is a thief. He asks what she wants to steal, my documents to sell to my rivals or to steal cash. Security guards hold her.

Saavi says that day also, I came to return the money, but you had left. She swears on Chattriprasad. And tells that her sister Sonam Goel’s alliance is fixed with him. Kiran says sorry. Nityam says you was scared to get caught and thought that you will lose chance to get crores. Saavi says I didn’t come here due to Didi’s alliance, and says you are thinking me wrong. Nityam tells that the alliance haven’t happened till now and says he will do the background check. Saavi gets worried and recalls Sonam’s words.


Saavi Ki Savaari 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saavi is in her auto and thinks of Nityam. Nityam is driving the car and thinks about Saavi. Saavi tells Sonam that she wants to talk to her. Nityam tries to speak to Vedika about Sonam. Saavi tells Sonam that Nityam is not a good guy and might break the alliance. Sonam and others are shocked.

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Telecast Date:29th August 2022
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