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Saavi Ki Savaari 28th October 2022 Episode starts with the neighbors welcoming Saavi and Nityam. Nityam asks Saavi if she is getting Ms. Universe feeling, if she is getting what she wanted. Saavi says they are always proud of me, I am always Ms. Hanuman gali. The neighbors hold Nityam’s hand to make him dance.

They are welcomed by the family. Nutan does their aarti. Saavi greets everyone. Sonam and Nityam greet each other. Tillu tells Ratna that she didn’t tell that Saavi is coming. Ratna asks him to go. He says he will go and wants money. Ratna says I gave you money for the work which you haven’t done.

Tillu says he needs 65000 else he will tell everyone that she had mixed poison in the food along with Sonam. He asks her to get money from Nityam. Ratna says Saavi will not agree. Tillu asks her to close his mouth with money.

Brijesh eats the Gulab Jamun and praises it, saying she made it better than him. He asks Nityam if he liked it. Nityam says I don’t eat Gulab Jamun, don’t eat ghee sweets as it is very sweet. Saavi says if you had eaten 1 instead of 4 Gulab Jamuns then wouldn’t have said this.

She says it is her old habit to count and keep. Nityam says he didn’t want to eat even one. Ananya says you couldn’t resist the taste. He says yes and then says no. Ananya says nobody can force him. Sonam asks Ananya to stop it and says may be he didn’t realize and have it. Nityam says yes and says now he will leave. Brijesh asks him to have lunch. Nityam says he has meeting with NRI client. He leaves.

Nutan asks Saavi why she was arguing with Nityam. Saavi says I was not arguing. Sonam says you was arguing with the man who covered you with so many clothes and jewellery. Saavi says she will change her clothes and then will prepare for Sonam’s birthday. Ratna asks Ananya to switch on the fan. She recalls Tillu’s threat.

Saavi asks Ananya why she didn’t change the bulb? Ananya says she will take it when Sonam gets the money. Nutan comes there and says Girls school Principal came here to meet you.

Saavi meets Principal who reminds her that she had taken advance from her. Saavi says there are still time to school to start, after the holidays. The Principal says your situation has changed, as you are married in a rich family now. Saavi says I have signed the contract and will fulfill it, asks for sometime. Principal says ok and goes.

Nityam comes back home in the evening and throws the ghatbandhan cloth off the bed. He dances happily. Vedika comes there and dances with him. she asks why are you happy, as you have signed the deal. Nityam says he is very happy as he don’t have to share my room with anyone, I mean with your best friend. Vedika stops dancing. Ratna gets asthma attack thinking about Tillu’s threat.

Sonam calls everyone there. Saavi gets worried. Nutan says doctor is not picking the call. Sonam asks Saavi to ask her sasural to send car. Saavi says we can’t wait till then. Brijesh asks Saavi to ride Chattriprasad. Saavi says ok. Nityam says Saavi might be dancing with Chattriprasad, or might be riding it. He asks if you are tensed that your bestie will roam on the road in her Chattriprasad. Vedika says I know my bahu. Saavi comes out of the house and sits in Chattriprasad.

Sonam and Nutan sit in the auto with Ratna. Vedika says Saavi will not become rickshaw wali again and will not ride it again. She says Saavi is very understanding and knows how to fulfill the relationship and says it is only you who is not fulfilling his duty. Nityam says I was busy and then also I went to drop her to her house.

Vedika asks will you bring her back. Nityam says Saavi had come first in the auto race and knows all maps and directions. He says people call her Disha queen and she will come home herself. Vedika says he has to assure her family that he will love their daughter and care for her.

Nityam says you got very emotional and says I didn’t tell you one thing. He tells Vedika that he had given her 1 lakh rupees, and she had given that money to her family and started spending. Doctor tells that Ratn’s BP is high and there can be infection in her lungs. Saavi asks him to start the treatment.

Doctor asks him to deposit 15K Rs. He asks if they have insurance. Saavi says they are daily wagers. He asks them to deposit the money. Vedika asks Nityam, what is wrong if she gave money to her family. She asks did you think how their house will run, as she was the only earner of the family. She says Saavi is helping them to meet the expenses.

Sonam asks Saavi to pay the money from her purse. Ananya says from where we will get the money. Sonam goes to fill the form. Saavi checks her purse and thinks of Nityam’s words. Vedika tells Nityam that she is upset with him, and asks if it is not your responsibility to help them, and asks if you have fulfilled the duty of a son, and asks him to move the hatred curtain and see their good intentions and pain clearly.


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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
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