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Saavi Ki Savaari 26th October 2022 Episode starts with Saavi coming to the inhouse temple and seeing UD praying. UD looks at her and goes. Vedika comes there. Saavi returns Karwachauth’s clothes and jewellery. Vedika says I will not ask why are you returning it. Saavi says may be I will not get habitual to them.

Vedika asks her to make gulab jamun for her first rasoi, to win UD’s heart. Saavi asks if UD will eat the gulab jamun made by me. Vedika says UD doesn’t know the taste of gulab jamun made by me.

She asks if you know how to make Gulab jamun. Saavi says yes. Vedika asks her to make some extra Jamun and take it to her home. Saavi says ok and prays to Maa Annapurna. She feels bad for her family and is worried for their financial condition.

Saavi calls Nutan and asks if ration is brought in the house. Nutan says yes, and tells that Sonam had earned money by selling candles. She asks when you are coming for pagphera. Saavi says before coming home, I have to make Gulab Jamun. She asks her to give call to Brijesh. Brijesh takes the call and asks her to take homemade khova.

Sonam hears him. Ananya tells Sonam that she is just cleaning the fan since 1 hour and tells that Saavi used to clean everything fast. Ratna scolds her. She says they have nothing to give to Nityam and Saavi. Nutan says they will give them lot of blessings from them. Brijesh asks her to fry the gulab jamun in ghee.

Sonam hears them and thinks to take Dimpy’s help to ruin Saavi’s first rasoi. Ratna tells Tillu that Paras has opened his mouth before Shivam and asks him to leave from there, else he has to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in jail. He says you don’t send me rakhis, goes without taking his phone kept on charging.

Dimpy tells Himesh that she can’t let Saavi’s first rasoi successful. She says UD had refused to eat the food made by me and didn’t give me shagun. She tells him that Saavi had ruined their pendrive plan on sangeet day. She asks him to do something to ruin Saavi’s gulab jamun, so that UD rushes to kitchen eating it. Himesh says he will add jamal gutta in the gulab jamun.

Saavi comes to the kitchen and keeps the kadai on the stove. Vedika tells Dimpy, himesh and dada ji that she will do anything to make UD bless saavi. Dada ji asks if Saavi is really making gulab jamun. Vedika says yes. Nityam comes there. Vedika asks him to go and make tea. Tashu asks Vedika if she is upto some mischief? Vedika smiles and says she wants them to Gulab jamun and tea together.

Girdhari and the Servants come to the kitchen. Saavi is frying the Gulab Jamun. Girdhari tells that Nityam is coming to the kitchen to make tea. Saavi says she is using just one stove. Nityam comes there. Saavi says he can use other stove. Nityam looks at the front after adding water and tea dust. Saavi asks how he will know when the tea is ready. Nityam says he has good experience of tea.

He asks her not to make Gulab Jamun again for Dada ji and UD. Saavi takes out the Gulab Jamun from the Chaasni and Nityam smells it. Saavi asks how can you stop yourself from eating it. Nityam tells Girdhari to inform Maa that he will make tea in sometime and goes. Saavi looks at the Gulab Jamun.

Himesh comes to the dining table and sees Gulab Jamun served on the table. He eats the Gulab Jamun and replaces those Gulab Jamun with the Jamal Gutta jamuns. Nityam comes there talking on phone. He picks the same bowl. Himesh stops him and keeps the bowl. He thinks where is the flower petal. Nityam takes the gulab jamun from (other) bowl and eats it.

Everyone comes to the dining table. UD sits to have it. Vedika asks whose empty bowl is this? Saavi says someone might have thrown it, was telling that they shall eat less sugar. Girdhari comes and tells that first Jamun was eaten by Nityam. Vedika smiles. UD eats the Gulab Jamun. Saavi looks on.


Saavi Ki Savaari 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dimpy makes up plan with Sonam to take over Saavi’s place from her, before Nityam realizes her goodness.

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Telecast Date:26th October 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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