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Saavi Ki Savaari 25th October 2022 Episode starts with Saavi looking at Nityam through the mesh. She does moon’s aarti and then Nityam’s aarti. Vedika and Nutan smiles. Saavi touches his feet. Nityam makes her drink water and makes her eat sweets.

Saavi takes sweets and tries to make him eat, but he says that this is the first and last time that he is breaking her fast as someone forced him to do this. He asks her not to forget that they are acting to be happily married couple and he feels suffocated with the act. Saavi says I didn’t expect you to come here. Sonam asks Dimpy if she is thinking how Nityam came here. She says I told him.

A FB is shown, Sonam calls Nityam and tells that Saavi has kept the fast and she can’t be hungry and thirsty for long time, and requests him to break her fast. Nityam says you are still worried for her, though so much happened. Sonam says I am her sister always. FB ends. Sonam says when Nityam can break Saavi’s fast for me, says she doesn’t need her (Dimpy) to become Mrs. Dalmia.

Vedika tells Nutan that the ring which Nityam had made Sonam worn on engagement day, is their ancestral ring. Nutan says Sonam will give it to Saavi. She comes to Sonam and asks her to return the ring. Ratna says we will go home and talk. Nutan says it was their ancestral ring and tells that Saavi deserves that ring. Sonam says ok, I will give.

Nutan comes to Vedika and says I should have returned the ring to you before itself. Vedika says there was so much tension during the marriage and asks her not to worry. Nutan asks Sonam to give ring to Saavi. Sonam tells Ratna that she had sold ring to give money to Tillu. Nutan asks her to give ring.

Vedika asks if you are fine? Sonam says that ring was in my hand, may be by mistake…Nutan says you lost it, it was on your finger, how you can lose it, it is ancestral ring. She asks her to say. Sonam is about to say that she had (sold it), but Dimpy shows the ring and says she has forgotten it with me.

She asks Sonam if she had forgotten that she had told her that she will return ring to Saavi. Sonam thinks from where did this ring came to her. Vedika says Sonam is not careless. Dimpy tells that the same ring to give to all the bahus of Dalmia family, and she is giving her ring to save her. She asks her not to forget, thanks.

Sonam takes the ring. Vedika takes ring from Sonam and asks Nityam to make Saavi wear it. Nityam makes Saavi wear the ring. Everyone claps. Ratna and Sonam are upset. Tashu asks Nityam how did he agree to break her fast. Nityam says she had kept fast for me, and if a lamb had kept fast for me, then I would have break its fast too.

Tashu asks why he has kept fast and didn’t eat anything. Nityam says because of her drama, as she didn’t have anything for me. Tashu says she might believe in marriage due to him, and asks him to break his secret fast. She makes him drink water and taste sweets. Vedika thinks one day Saavi will take you out from your pain.

Shivam calls Sonam and asks if she broke her fast. Sonam says yes. Shivam says I have a gift to give you and tells that someone had bribed Paras to poisoned the food. Sonam asks who? Shivam says Triloki Jain. Sonam thinks Tillu Mama. She gets tensed.

Saavi comes to the room. Nityam says you might be tired after drama and work. Saavi says you had said that we shall not talk in room. Nityam says you show some smartness that I can’t ignore you. He tells her the price of her jewellery. saavi asks if it is done. Nityam says this saree might look ordinary, but it has gold in it.

Saavi says I get bored hearing it. Nityam says you are bored wearing 50 lakhs jewellery and saree. he asks what she would like to have. Saavi says she had worn it as her mother in law gave it with love. He says he has fed food to a hungry person and what she saw, costly necklace. Saavi asks what shall I tell your mother that keep her love away from me as her son ruins all. Nityam says you brings my Maa always between us.

Saavi says she has tied us in this marriage. Nityam asks why didn’t you refuse? Saavi looks on. Nityam sleeps. Saavi comes to the room after changing her clothes and recalls his words. Song plays. She is about to go out from their room, but seeing Nityam struggle with his dream. She comes back to the bed and keeps her hand in his hand. He pacifies with her touch.

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Telecast Date:25th October 2022
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