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Saavi Ki Savaari 24th August 2022 Episode starts with host telling that Chuna is near the victory and Saavi’s auto is stuck. Saavi tries to take out her auto from the pit. Nityam takes out the auto’s wheel from the pit. Saavi gets surprised and rides the auto. She doesn’t see him. Sonam’s mother asks her where did she go?

Ratna says she might have gone somewhere to have some fresh air. Sonam’s mother says it is not good, what people will think and says she hides from us. Sonam says your Saavi hides things from you. Mama ji says you are again after her.

Sonam says I went behind her and taunts Ananya. She asks did you know where is Saavi? Her mother says she went to do the work. Sonam says she went to take part in auto race. Saavi asks Chatriprasad to wait for sometime and then nobody can separate them. Chunna sees Saavi’s auto about to cross his auto.

Sonam shows the pamphlet and says she has gone here. Mama ji says she knows that I am against this auto race. Sonam says may be she has gone there to get reward of 25000 Rs. Ratna asks what people will say.

Sonam says I was going to stop her, but forgotten that spy is here. Her mother asks why you didn’t tell before. Sonam says I didn’t want Mama or you to feel helpless and says Saavi is the only earner, but that doesn’t mean that she shall do anything. She says Saavi’s wings came out and she is forgetting her limitation due to responsibilities.

Saavi thinks she needs to win this race and recalls Chunna’s threat. She prays to God and crosses the finishing line and Chunna also stops the auto at the same time. The host asks who could be the winner? He says the winner is the only woman auto driver of Ujjain Saavi Goel. Saavi gets happy and jumps with joy. Chunna gets angry.

Saavi hugs the auto and says Chatriprasad, we have won. Now nobody will separate us, our family will not be orphan again. The host asks her to come to the stage and take her 25000 Rs reward. Saavi goes to the stage. People cheers for her.

Nityam and her family are at the award ceremony. His mother is called on stage. Vedika goes to stage and says they all are happy for him, if his Papa would have been alive then he would have said, he is proud of him.

Nityam is called on stage and receives award from his mother. He says he is happy that his family is with him, in his victory. Saavi gets emotional. She sees Mama ji, Ratna, Sonam, Ananya and her mother coming there. Ananya says Saavi has won and will get the reward. Her mother says she will give her award.

The host asks Chunna to come to stage and greet her. Chunna says ok and goes. The host gives the cheque to Saavi and says if her family is here, then shall come on stage. Ananya is about to go, but Mama ji stops her. Saavi thinks it is her defeat in her victory.

Later, Ratna tells Saavi that today she has failed them. She says what people will say that we made you take part in race. Saavi says it is my decision to take part. She asks Mama to make Mami understand. Mama ji is upset with her.

Her mother says you don’t want to listen to us. Saavi tries to help Mama ji. Mama ji warns her not to spend the prize money on house expenses and says it will be deposited in your account and will be used for your marriage. Saavi cries and tries to talk to them, but nobody wants to talk to her.

She thinks I didn’t tell you, so that you don’t feel helpless. She says if I don’t return Moni Rakshas’ money then he will take Chatriprasad. Her mother brings the lep and asks her to apply on her injuries. Ananya applies it on Saavi’s hand. Saavi feels pain. Ananya tells that Sonam didi told everyone about her race.

Saavi tells that today good thing happened, a rich guy helped me today. Ananya says who was he? Saavi says don’t know, and says if he had not pulled out Chatriprasad from the pit, then I would have defeated. She says all rich people are not bad.

Sonam switches on the news channel and sees Nityam’s interview. Nityam tells that time is money and tells that his time was wasted today, when he had to pulled an auto from the pit during the race. Saavi hears him and gets upset.

Moni Rakshas is praying to God and tells that he will have the interest. Saavi comes there and returns his money. She warns them not to touch her Chatriprasad. Tashu comes to Nityam’s room and gets upset. She asks him to go and tell everyone that he don’t want to marry. Nityam asks her to calm down and asks why she has problem with his marriage. She says I will show you, and takes him to see Himesh and Dimpy.

Dimpy calls donkey to Himesh. Nityam says it is normal. Tashu says my father used to trouble my mother a lot and now Dimpy is troubling him. She asks if he wants to do marriage and says all marriages are like this. He asks her to see Dada and Dadi’s marriage. He says Dadu used to bring his small salary and Yudi used to run house with that money. He says I know Chacha did wrong.

He says I have seen dark side of the marriage and says he will think about risk factor and will sign the deal. He says the wife shall be good as business partner, she shall think from mind, shall take practical decisions and shall value time and money. Saavi is complete opposite to him.

He says Maa knows my requirement and nothing wrong will happen. Tashu says Pandit and Mahant are coming today from old temple to see your kundali. Pandit ji tells Vedika, Dada and Dadi, that Nityam’s kundali is different and it is difficult or impossible to search a perfect match to his kundali. Vedika thinks where is that girl? Saavi comes to the temple and pray.


Saavi Ki Savaari 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nityam’s car stops on the road. He calls someone and asks to book a cab. Saavi stops her auto near Nityam. Nityam looks at her. She says yes, she is auto driver and have licence.

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Telecast Date:24th August 2022
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