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Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd August 2022 Episode starts with Saavi driving the auto and recalls that she has to pay someone. She tries to get customers. She says when I had fallen down during my school race and lost, you had wiped my tears and had said that this is the small defeat, and I have to win a big war. She thinks if she don’t return 25000 to Moni Rakshak,

then he will take Chatriprasad. She thinks how will I fight this war. She sees a pamphlet on backside of another auto, gets down and takes it. She sees the prize money is 25000. She calls on the number and gets her name registered. The guy asks her to bring entry fees 1100 Rs in the morning.

Saavi comes home and sits under the fan. Mama ji says Saavi came. Saavi says in full speed. She says you didn’t sleep. Mama ji says I can’t sleep until you came. Saavi says she wants to talk to him. Mama ji says I trust you, but don’t trust others. He tells about auto race competition, and says what was the need to risk and put others in danger.

Saavi says what is wrong in this. Mama ji says I am scared about you, and tells that some bad auto drivers go to any extent to win. Saavi says may be the prize money is important for someone. She thinks I can’t tell him that I plan to return the debt of Mama ji’s treatment and Sonam’s studies, through the prize money.

Mama ji says you wanted to talk something important. Saavi asks where did you hide all the bottles? Mama ji says you are becoming bond. Saavi wakes up in the morning and looks at her mother. She takes the money from the box and thinks she has to save Chatriprasad. Nityam wakes up in the morning and plays the radio.

Saavi hears the FM radio too. She gets ready and thinks this is the matter of Chatriprasad and home. Her mother says I understand that you want to get Chatriprasad repaired. Saavi says yes, and touches her feet. She says I will give tea to Sonam didi. Her mother asks her to make Sonam understand.

Sonam talks to someone on video call and ends the call seeing Saavi there. She scolds Saavi for interfering in her preparation. Saavi says sorry and gives her tea. Sonam asks did you have any work with me and asks her to go. Saavi hugs her and asks her to forget whatever happened yesterday and remember that they all are proud of her. Sonam says ok and asks her to go. Something falls down. Sonam checks and finds the pamphlet.

Dadi asks Dada ji, how many kids call their grand parents by their name? Nityam comes and calls yudi and asks what is they planning. Vedika lies. Nityam teases his Dada and Dadi for twinning with each other.

He checks Dada ji’s diary and asks what is this? They laugh. Vedika says you agreed to marry, but it has a headache to search girl for you. Dadi says your Dada ji has written everything about you. Nityam tells about his idea of the girl, which is complete opposite of Saavi. Saavi comes to the competition. The guy asks her to go. Saavi asks him to get her name registered.

Himesh tells that they have brought a cake for Nityam. Vedika asks why? Dimpy tells that they have brought cake to celebrate Nityam’s award. She asks him to cut the cake. Nityam’s sister Tashu comes there and says bhai likes chocolate cake. She says Dimpy aunty has forgotten it. Dimpy calls her dramebaaz. They all go to function. Dimpy says all the best and then says bad luck shall happen.

Sonam calls Ananya and asks her to pin her dress.. Ananya pins her dress and asks why she is getting so much ready. Sonam applies lipstick and taunts Ananya to study else have to become auto driver like Saavi.

The host at the competition tells that all the competing auto rickshaw reached. He says lets see who will win 25000 Prize money. Saavi asks God to help her. The host says if Chunna bhaiyya will win this time too, as Ujjain’s first auto wali Saavi is participating and her auto Chatriprasad.

He asks if Saavi can defeat Chunna and win. Everyone cheers for Chunna. Chunna tells Saavi that the host was talking about him and says he is winner since 4 years. He asks Saavi to get her name removed else she will get insulted. Saavi says I can only see the victory like seeing the fish eye.

Chunna says you are the only girl among the men auto drivers. Saavi asks if he is scared of her. Chunna gets angry. Other auto driver says you will only win. Saavi wears her uniform and sits in her auto. All the autos start and leave. Saavi’s auto doesn’t start. She says Jai Mahakaal and leave at last. She speeds up.

Dimpy says I will bring Nityam’s bad days. Himesh says if Nityam’s bad days come, then our bad days will come too. Dimpy says I will do something that will break Nityam’s ego. The host tells that Chunna is the first auto driver who is heading towards the finishing line and the last is Saavi, as if she is on enjoy ride. Saavi sees Moni Rakshas there and says Jai Maha Kaal. She speeds up.

Ananya tells Sonam didi went to interview. Mami says whatever Sonam wears is fashion. Ananya tells that Sonam had worn costly heels today as she has gone somewhere. Sonam is with Shivam in the restaurant. He does poetry. She asks him to become crorepati fast. She gets her mother’s call and says she is coming. He says he came to meet her from Indore. She says she needs to go.

Saavi speeds up her auto. The host says the girl auto driver is leaving other auto drivers and is speeding towards the finishing line, she is just behind Chunna. Chunna thinks he has to do something about this Saavi and calls someone. Nityam and his family are on the way to the award function.

They stop due to the auto rickshaw road. He says he is going as he is getting award from his mother. Dada ji teases Dadi. Nityam asks Tashu to search an alternative option. Chunna’s man throws the wooden logs on Saavi’s auto. Saavi stops the auto at the right time and gets minor injuries. She speeds up again.

Chunna’s men poses as Saint, through the sindoor on the auto. Saavi couldn’t see and her auto gets stuck in the pit. She asks God to send someone to help her. Tashu says I will search alternate way. Nityam says we don’t have much time. He gets down the car and removes his suit and folds his sleeves.


Saavi Ki Savaari 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saavi is scolded by her family members for participating. Nityam thanks his family for being at the function.

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Telecast Date:23rd August 2022
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