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Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd August 2022 starts with Saavi’s voiceover telling about Ujjain, and tells that Ujjainis having devotion, humanity and lively. She praises Ujjain and its people. She asks Sona Kaki, a flower seller outside the temple.

Sona Kaki says yes. Saavi takes flowers from her and climbs the stairs. She holds the pot of the saint as water is falling down. She goes inside the temple. Nityam’s house is shown. His mother is giving the aarti in the house.

He checks the time and thinks I am perfect, and hates the people who use much mind. He asks Giridhar, why did he change the tea dust. Giridhar says other Servants thought that it is good. Nityam says if Maa don’t like this tea, then he will change all the staff. They get tensed. Nityam goes to his mother.

She calls him Nityam and reads the news about him being a big businessman. He says today you are not calling me bittu and says he is always bittu for her. She calls him Bittu. He asks her to take biscuits which he got from Hyderabad. She says she will visit the temple and then have something.

He asks her to go by car. She says she will not go in the big car and will go by rickshaw. He says you have spend half of your life in the life struggles and for us, and says he will take her to temple. She laughs and says a big businessman is my driver. She pulls his ears for threatening the staff to change.

He says you didn’t see the taste due to newspaper. He calls her Vedika Dalmia and asks her to come. Saavi comes inside the temple and thanks the God. She tells that Sonam Didi’s name came as the MBA topper in the newspaper today. She asks God to keep them blessed always.

Nityam comes to the temple with his mother. They get down the car and starts walking. They come to the temple. Vedika asks if he will not come to take God’s blessings even today. He says if he has snatched something from us, then gave us so much. He says you have to come here to take the blessings, but my God is with me. She goes inside. The reporters see Nityam and come to him.

The reporter asks how did he feel, to get an award for the youngest business man. Nityam says he feels great. Vedika is about to fall down the temple stairs, but Saavi holds her hand and asks her to be careful. Before Vedika could see her, she leaves. She comes to her auto and refers to her auto as Chatriprasad.

Nityam tells that he is responsible for his own hardwork. Vedika prays to God and says Nityam is still a small child of 7 years. He is still sad. The reporter asks Nityam, why he has no fans in his company. Nityam gets sad. Vedika prays that Nityam shall get the life partner like him, who is honest like him and make him laugh.

Saavi asks another driver why there is crowd there. Driver says a businessman came to the temple. Saavi looks at him and goes in her auto. The Pandit ji asks Vedika to pray at the aarti near the ghat. Vedika says ok.

Ananya and Sonam record the video for social media. Ananya asks Sonam to tell about her success story. Sonam tells that Saavi is her real sister, but they are different. She says she wants lavish life, big house, designer clothes and cars, and Saavi is happy in that auto, and cares for the small people. She says she will care only for top class people. She tells that she wants to come on the front page, like Nityam.

Saavi comes to the sweets shop and buys sweets. She says she has 75 Rs less, and promises to pay tomorrow. The sweet shop owner trusts her. Saavi says she has some money, but has to buy gifts for Sonam. She comes home and gets Moni’s call. She didn’t pick it. Mama ji asks if Saavi came.

Saavi says in full speed. She tells Mama that she will put oil in his wheel chair tomorrow. She switches on fan. Mami says your mother said that the function will happen inside. Saavi goes to her mother and hugs her. Her mother makes her taste sweets. Saavi goes to Ananya and asks where is Sonam Didi? Sonam comes downstairs.

Saavi shows the gift to Sonam. Sonam finds blazer in it and gets happy. She wears it. Her mother checks the price tag and shows to Ratna (Mami). Ratna gets asthma attack and uses pump. Saavi’s mother asks why did she buy it for 3000 Rs. Saavi says gift shall be seen, and not the price.

Sonam scolds her for not removing the price tag. Saavi says she didn’t remove it, as she can exchange it if she don’t want the color or having size issues. She says it is good and fitting well, and removes the price tag. Ananya records the video. Saavi poses with Chatriprasad. Everyone dances.

Mama ji falls down the wheel chair. They help him get up. Saavi checks the glass and asks did you drink? Mama ji says a bit for the celebration. He praises Saavi and tells that she has taken care of Sonam and Ananya’s education expenses and also the household expenses since 4 years, when he met with an accident. He praises her. Sonam gets upset. Saavi asks Ananya to record the video.

Ananya praises Saavi and says you are the only auto driver and if I upload your videos, then will get lakhs of views. Sonam shouts asking them to stop Saavi Puran. She asks Ananya to delete her videos.

She takes her mobile and deletes her videos. She tells that just when she gets the job, she will clear all her money. She tells that she has worked hard and became MBA topper, until Saavi who rides Auto. She praises herself. Later Saavi attends the Aarti standing beside Nityam. Vedika is doing the aarti.


Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saavi participates in the race. The auto driver says you can’t compete with me. Saavi says send someone to help me. Nityam comes to help her.

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Telecast Date:22nd August 2022
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