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Saavi Ki Savaari 19th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 19th October 2022 Episode starts with Saavi hugging Chattriprasad and telling that she missed it so much, and feels alone in that big house. She comes inside the house and recalls her moments with the family.

She prays in the inhouse temple and calls Nutan. Nutan, Brijesh and Ratna come there. Ananya also comes there. They are about to go, when Saavi calls them again. They get happy thinking she has come in reality.

Nutan asks her to wait. Ananya hugs her and says I missed you. Brijesh says Saavi ki Savaari came? Saavi says in full speed. Ratna calls her Saavi ji Dalmia ji. Saavi hugs her. Nutan takes off bad sight from her.

Saavi gets emotional as Nutan kisses her and hugs her. Ananya tells Saavi that she wants to hear everything about her first day, and asks how was it? She says bed must be soft and tells that the pillows in rich people’s houses are made of duck feathers. Saavi recalls sleeping in the cupboard. Ratna says the tea must be of kesar, elaichi and almond, in designer ceramic cup.

Saavi recalls Nityam telling Vedika that tea time is just their me time. Ananya says you might have drank filter water. Saavi recalls drinking water from the water sprinkler. Brijesh asks did you feel cold? Nutan asks did you have anything? The tears roll down from Saavi’s eyes, and she rushes to the kitchen.

She opens her tiffin and have the roti from it. Nutan and Ratna are surprised to see her having the roti. Brijesh and Ananya also come there. Saavi finishes roti. Nutan tells Saavi that this roti is dry infront of her sasural’s food. Saavi says it is nothing infront of this roti, and says suddenly everything changed, and I will get habitual to it suddenly. She finds the oil box empty and asks Ananya.

Ananya says they don’t have oil. Saavi checks all the boxes. Nutan asks her to go out and sit. Saavi says all emergency cash is over. Brijesh makes an excuse. Saavi asks if florist also refused to give flower to present to God. Ananya tells that everyone refused to give us things on rent, and says if we don’t pay the electricity bills, then it will be cut.

Sonam is sleeping and calls Girdhar to attend her phone call, says malkin is sleeping. She wakes up and realizes the truth. She sees Dimpy’s call and she tells that she is the one whom Nityam called as Perfect lifepartner. She says you was almost about to become CEO, and asks her to do something to get back to Nityam. She says I have a job for you, it is of low standard than your qualification, but necessary step towards taking you to Nityam. Sonam says she is ready.

Saavi tells that she will go and talk to the shop keepers. Nutan says you shall not plead infront of everyone for us. Saavi says she will not leave her mayka and will not ignore their problems.

She says she will do something. Sonam comes there and asks why only you want to solve all the problems. She asks her to leave all the problems to her, and says I am still here. Saavi runs to her. Sonam stops her from hugging her. She says she got some refund from college and also she is going for interview today. Ratna says your MBA topper sister will handle everything.

Saavi asks her to do job as per her qualification. Nutan taunts her. Sonam says only you understand me well. Saavi asks if they had a fight? Nutan says no. She asks what do you want? Saavi says she will come. Ratna sees money bundles coming out of the bag and pops out her eyes.

Saavi goes behind Sonam and tries to advice her. Sonam asks her not to advice her. Saavi says she will always give her advice. Sonam blames her for ruining her life. Saavi says I did this so that Shivam and you can unite, and you can stay happily with him, I did this for you. sonam asks do you know how people talk about the returned bride. She asks if you want me to marry the person coming out of the jail. Saavi says Shivam is innocent and it will be proved.

Sonam says we both know truth and says you made excuse of Shivam and my relation, to get Nityam. She says I shall get ready for interview, and says she doesn’t have crorepati husband to fulfill her needs. Saavi thinks once Sonam gets married to Shivam then she will forget all that. Nutan asks Saavi to check what all she needs? Saavi comes to her. Nutan asks her not to feel bad about Sonam’s words. Saavi says so much happened with Sonam didi, but she is going to interview forgetting everything.

Nutan says she knows how to handle the daughters. She keeps the pillow and asks why she needs it. Saavi asks her to bring her old saree. Nutan says it is old and torn. Saavi asks her to give to her. Nutan goes. Saavi records the fan sound in her mobile. Ratna tells that Nityam hates the fan, but she likes it. She says they hate poverty and Saavi loves it. Saavi makes her hear the fan sound. Ratna indirectly asks her to give some money to them from Dalmias. Saavi recalls Nityam giving her money for shopping?


Saavi Ki Savaari 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nityam asks Saavi why she didn’t do shopping. Saavi asks him to take the money from her bag. Nityam couldn’t find the money and accuses her of theft.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
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