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Saavi Ki Savaari 18th October 2022 Episode starts with Nityam waking up in the morning. He changes his clothes, wears the shoes and comes to the changing room. He finds her sleeping in the cupboard and thinks why she is sleeping here. He closes the door, then comes back and keeps it open like it always.

Saavi wakes up and checks the time. She thinks it is 6:30 am, says Chattriprasad Ajanta express time now. She says pack my tiffin, Maa. She comes to the room and realizes the reality. Brijesh calls Saavi for ginger water.

Nutan makes tiffin and says she has packed her tiffin as she likes. Ratna says she is having back pain and asks Saavi to massage her back. They realize the truth. Nutan says I had forgotten that she has left. Saavi calls Nutan and asks her to put call on loudspeaker. She tells Ratna that she has kept oil on side of bed, and asks Ananya to apply it for her back pain. She tells Ananya that she has messaged all her home work.

She asks Nutan to give ginger water to Mama. She asks Nutan to talk to the grocery seller and says she will pay him next week. Nutan asks how is everyone there? She asks if she got sleep on first night. Saavi says yes, and asks her to ask Sonam to call her. Nutan says yes. Saavi ends the call.

Nutan says Saavi was sad. Ratna says she will be happy. She tells that she will give ginger water to Brijesh. Saavi thinks how she will manage the home expenses now. Nityam comes back and sees Saavi holding her uniform. He asks who brings uniform for sister’s marriage. Saavi tells that she can get passengers at anytime. She says she has many questions and asks them. Nityam says I have one answer for your question, my life my rules, your problems are yours, not mine.

Nityam comes to have breakfast and asks Giridhar to call Dada ji and Yudi for breakfast. Giridhar tells that Yudi asked him to bring their breakfast to their room. He sees Saavi and his marriage news in the newspaper and gets upset. He asks Vedika to come and have tea. Vedika says she should have asked Giridhar not to bring newspapers today. He asks did you see what is published.

Saavi comes to the inhouse temple and prays. Vedika calls her and makes her sit on the , beta and bahu) time. She asks if she wants to have strong tea? Nityam says black tea without milk. Saavi says she don’t drink tea much. Nityam says whoever is not drinking tea, can go. Vedika asks Saavi to have fruits with her. Dimpy comes there after jogging and greets Saavi.

She asks Saavi why she is not looking as a new bride. She says your clothes are not upto Dalmia’s standard. She says you should have get clothes from Sonam like you took other things from her. She says there are many threads on your clothes and asks Giridhar to bring the scissor. She cuts the threads and jokes if she shall cut her hair. She then tells that she has some clothes which are loose for her.

She says Saavi will fit in it, but might not carry like her. Vedika asks her to go and have breakfast in her room. Nityam says I am going to office. He says he already took 5 days off. Vedika says you worked from there also. She asks him to take Saavi with him and buy some clothes for her. Saavi says I have clothes. Nityam says he has work. Vedika says this is needed too.

Saavi and Nityam are in the car. Some kinnars call her. Saavi greets them. Nityam closes the window. Saavi says they are kinnars and blesses people. Nityam says your destiny got good after marrying me. Saavi opens the window. The kinnars bless Saavi and asks Nityam to smile. Saavi says she has less money and asks Nityam to give some money. He says I give money to only handicapped people.

Saavi asks if you will give them job? No. She asks him to decide if he will give them money so that they go, or if he wants to miss his meetings. She says it is said that penny wise pound foolish. Nityam gives the money. Saavi gives them money, but they return the notes after taking some money. Then they come to Nityam’s side and bless them, keeping their hands on his hand. Saavi smiles seeing his hair style ruining.

He sets his hair and asks if he is looking like joker that she is smiling. She says they blessed you, why so serious. Nityam asks her to keep 1 lakh cash and do shopping herself as he has no time to waste on her. She asks why did you agree infront of Vedika aunty. He asks her not to threaten him taking his mother’s name. She says I don’t need your money. Nityam asks her to go and not to irritate him. Saavi gets down from the car.

Brijesh comes to know that grocery refused to give them ration on credit. He asks did you tell him that we will return his money. Ratna says I told him. Nutan asks them not to fight and says Ananya will bring milk, I will make tea. Ananya comes there and tells that milkman refused to give milk, as Saavi is married now and who will settle the money now. Brijesh says we want money for home expenses.

Nutan tells Ananya that Saavi had asked us to take money from the box in the kitchen. Saavi calls Nutan and asks if I shall come home, as I have to get some stuff from home. Nutan asks her to come. Ratna says we will come to your sasural and have tea and cream biscuit. Saavi says let me come there. Ratna says ok. Brijesh asks her not to tell anything to Saavi. Nutan says we can’t make Saavi worried. She says we will do something.

Saavi comes to the neighborhood. The neighbors ask if she came for pagphera. Saavi says no, she came just like that. They ask why you are wearing old clothes and why she is not wearing any jewelery. They ask why she is coming alone, etc. Saavi gets tensed hearing their questions. She sees Chattriprasad and hugs it, gets peaceful.

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