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Saavi Ki Savaari 17th October 2022 Episode starts with Vedika telling Saavi that Nityam had same qualities as hers, but he had lost it long before. She says you can bring my lost son back with your patience. Saavi says you are thinking again about your son’s happiness and asks if this is just my duty to fulfill the marriage.

She says Mr. Dalmia and I had taken the swear together, where husband and wife are partners in life and responsibility, and asks why it is my responsibility to bring him on the right path and he taunts and hurts me, and hurts my self respect. Vedika says I didn’t ask you to be quiet.

She says today I am giving you 8th promise, and says a mother in law is promising her bahu, and says she will make her get respect which she deserves and she will bring love and trust in their relation, and says if I don’t fulfill my promise then you can leave the house, I will not stop you.

She asks her to give him a chance and says he has lost the relations which were very closer to him. She says he agreed to marry Sonam, as she knew that she will not scratch his feelings and will be happy with his outside world.

She says you are not like her. She says Nityam thinks that this is your conspiracy, but he doesn’t know that Saavi has so much positively which will end his pains and her patience will break the wall which Nityam made around him. She asks Saavi to bring back Nityam and accept her words as her friend and not as bahu.

Saavi holds her hands and says I had told you that lift your hands to bless me always. She keeps her hand on her head and says I can’t promise like you, but I will make promise to myself. She goes to the inhouse temple and says I will give a chance to my marriage,

without hurting my self respect. She says I will try to understand your son, without losing my rules. She says I will not let my identity of Saavi Goel end, and will give a chance to this marriage. She holds the diya as she says this. Vedika smiles.

Saavi comes to the room and sees Nityam sitting on the bed and sleeping. She coughs. He wakes up and sees her. He says I know you will not go from here, and asks him to tell the price, says he will give full payment.

Saavi says she has no problem and will stay here. She asks him to go and tell his mother if he wants to end their marriage. Nityam says you know that I love my mother and will never hurt her. He appreciates her planning and research. She says it is your dept, think whatever you want. Nityam says fine, I am ready to act of this husband and wife, for my mother’s sake, and promises to expose her real face one day.

He says I have some conditions, and says my Mother shall think that I am trying to fulfill our marriage. Saavi says it depends on your acting, and says she don’t want Vedika aunty to get unwell. He says our one thought matches. He asks her to make notes and says they have to share the stuff in the room, but they will stay at different sides. He takes the ghatbandhan’s cloth and tries to open the knot.

Saavi recalls Mahant ji’s words that nobody can open it. Nityam says he is making wall from it. He couldn’t open the knot. Saavi gives her veil tied with the ghatbandhan cloth. Nityam puts it as the curtain on the bed. He tells his terms and conditions to her. He asks her not to touch his stuff and don’t use any perfume or agarbatti etc. He asks any problem? Saavi says no. He says I am sure that you will ask for my help just like you had asked me to get someone freed from PS. Saavi asks any more rules? Nityam says I will tell if there is anything else.

Sonam asks Ratna if she is worried about Shivam’s words. Ratna says I don’t want to go to jail. Sonam asks her to use her clever mind and think who can help them to get rid of proofs. Ratna thinks and says my cousin brother Tillu is just like me. Saavi checks and sees him sleeping. She goes to changing room and thinks there is much AC here also.

Ratna calls Tillu. Tillu asks if jija is fine. He says you call me if someone die. She asks him to come to Ujjain. He says he can’t leave his business and come there. Ratna says she will give him much money for doing her work and ends the call. Sonam asks from where we will get the money. Ratna says first let Tillu come here.

Saavi changes her clothes and comes back to the bed. She feels cold and is about to take the jug, when she imagines him shouting at her, asking her not to drink water from his jug. She sees him sleeping and comes out of the room. She thinks where is the kitchen in this big house. She claps and the lights come. She sees water jug and drinks water. She comes back to room and rests on her side of bed.

She tries to take the blanket, but couldn’t get it. She thinks she had slept in Chattriprasad somehow and thinks to find out the solution. She takes some of her clothes from the bag and covers herself with it, but she still feels cold. She goes to the changing room, and sleeps inside the cupboard to keep herself warm.

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