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Saavi Ki Savaari 16th September 2022 Episode starts with Shivam seeing Saavi in the college, and calls her auto wali friend. Saavi calls him majnu bhaiyya. He says he has become fiance and shows his engagement ring.

She tells that she has come to library for some work. She asks about his fiance’s name. He says he will show the pics. Just then Sonam calls him and asks him not to show their engagement pics to anyone. He says I was about to show the pics to my friend. Sonam says bad sight will get.

Nityam comes to Saavi and asks if they shall do the work, or else if she is lying about librarian. Saavi says bye Majnu bhaiyya. Shivam says I will send you the invitation card, my auto wali friend. Nityam looks at him, but doesn’t recognize seeing him in helmet. Saavi asks if he knows her. He says he don’t know any guy standing on the street. Saavi says you was looking at him, as if he is your brother.

Nityam comes inside the library and get traumatized seeing the fan. Saavi asks what happened to him and keeps umbrella on his head. They are sitting in front of librarian. The librarian is on call. Saavi asks him to have patience.

Nityam throws the money bundle on the table. The librarian asks them what they want. They ask about Radhe Shyam. The librarian tells that Radhe Shyam was thrown out of college for teasing the girl and since then he is missing.

Niytam asks Saavi to say that she was right and he is wrong. Saavi says I am confused, you scolded me and called me thief for not returning the change, and today you gave so much money, and asks why? He says Sonam is an important part of his family, and when his family matter comes, nothing is important.

Saavi thinks he will keep Sonam didi happy. She reminds him about their window deal. He opens the deal. Saavi asks what we will do about Radhe Shyam. Nityam says it is about me and my would be wife. He says he don’t want outsiders to involve. He closes the windows and starts the AC.

Saavi and Nityam get the call at the same time. Saavi says she has to attend the call. Nityam says after me, and says he got Maa’s call. Saavi says we both can attend the calls after opening the windows. She picks Professor Mahesh’s call and says he is giving me driving important contract. He picks vedika’s call.

Vedika asks if he didnt go to office. Nityam says no, and tells that a cat crossed his way. Saavi says Mr. Dishaheen. She tells Professor Mahesh that someone was asking the way. Vedika asks if you are with my would be bahu and asks him to thank her for taking him to long drive. He keeps hand on Saavi’s mouth.

Saavi pats on his hand and he moves his hand from her mouth. Saavi asks what is she signing? Vedika asks Nityam to thank her bahu and ends the call. Saavi tells Nityam that she had to pick the call as Mahesh Sir was entering the call. Nityam asks her not to say anything until he drops her.

Nityam drops her to the PS. he says if you waste my minute then I will send you bill of my financial loss. Saavi asks what about my loss? She gets down the car. Nityam goes. Mauni Rakshas is standing there and threatens Saavi. Gullu says she will marry this car guy and will leave. Saavi says our ways will be different. She sees Nityam going to hanuman galli, and thinks to go there.

Dimpy tells Himesh that Sonam is having an affair. He asks how she can be so sure? Dimpy is about to show Sonam and Shivam’s pic, when Kavita’s account is deleted. himesh and Dimpy get sure. Sonam talks to Kavita and asks her to thank her for saving her. She asks her to give her treat her. She thinks she has handled Dimpy.

Nityam comes there. Sonam gets worried and asks Ratna if he came to know about the kundali truth. They cover up the fan. Sonam asks if we have green tea. Nityam enters and tells that he drinks tea without sugar, but will not drink today. He asks Sonam, if they can talk. Sonam says on then terrace.

Saavi comes there and asks him to stop. Sonam asks what is happening? She asks Nityam to come. They go to terrace. Nityam asks Sonam to tell everything truly, says you are my would be wife and knows what is the power of the surname. Sonam says yes. He says you must have known that to become Mrs. Nityam Dalmia is a privilege and a big responsibility.

Sonam says ofcourse I know, and asks why is he saying? Nityam asks her to make her sister understand and tells that she is ruining his name and reputation. He says today she took your complaint to the PS. Sonam says my complaint. Nityam asks about Radhe Shyam.

Sonam asks how do you know? Nityam says Saavi was about to tell this to the Police, and everyone would have known about it, then my stocks and company would have been effected. He says I was about to refused to marry you, but agreed seeing her. Sonam says I shared with her thinking she is my sister. Sonam asks why you didnt come to me. He says Saavi doesn’t know about my power and what I can do.

Nutan asks Saavi to take tea and help Sonam. Ratna says I will go. Nutan says no, and asks Saavi to go. Ratna prays that Sonam’s secret shall be secret. Sonam says I know your status, power, reputation etc. She says to become Mrs.

Dalmia is not easy and what it means. She says she is not like Saavi and she is MBA topper and she. Nityam says your sister’s thinking is small and limited, while riding Chattriprasad. He says she didn’t know what it means to be Dalmia. Saavi hears him and says 1 min, Mr. Dalmia.


Saavi Ki Savaari 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Nityam tells Sonam that Saavi doesn’t want them to get married. Ratna asks Sonam to tell about her lies. Sonam says I had a boyfriend before Nityam. She says he is there even now. Ratna asks her not to become that Saavi can become of Nityam if her destiny stays strong.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2022
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