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Saavi Ki Savaari 14th October 2022  Episode starts with Saavi entering the Dalmia house after her grah pravesh. Nutan holds Sonam’s hand and asks her to leave. Saavi comes inside. Nutan pushes Sonam out of the house and says she is doing penance for not giving good values to her. She says you have betrayed your own sister.

Ratna says stop it jiji. She says you have thrown one source of income out of the house and if you throw the other then we will not have any roti. She asks who will bring food for us, you, me, my husband and my 15 years old daughter.

Nutan asks what are you saying? Ratna says when we have raised Sonam and made her educated thinking she will make our situation better, but you are throwing her for your self respect. Nutan says Sonam has done a sin and I will do compromise by letting her stay here. Ratna says compromise?

She says I had compromised when you had come here with two daughters and your stuff. She says after jija left, when Ananya’s father brought you people then even I have compromised. She says the roti was divided into 6 pieces and asks her to forgive Sonam, thinking she is repaying her debt. She says you can’t throw Sonam out of the house, to pay that debt for everyone’s sake. Nutan drops the bag on floor.

Vedika says we shall do the other rasams too and tells Saavi that they enjoy the rasams, so that love increases between the married couple. Yudi asks Vedika not to have any hopes from them, as they will not participate in any rasams.

Vedika says no problem, I was happy and feeling proud of my destiny to get Saavi as bahu. She tells Nityam and Saavi that the ghatbandhan knot will bring them together when they have any rift. She asks Tashu to take Saavi to her room. Tashu takes Saavi from there. Vedika says she didn’t want to insult her by cutting her words. Yudi says you have insulted us, when you have taken a decision.

She says you have shown my real place in this house. Vedika says Bau ji and you are the head of the family. Yudi asks why did you make auto wali as the bahu of the house. Vedika says I know that I did a mistake in a hurry, and says I couldn’t ignore bade mahant ji’s words and then he had given the warning that the mahurat shall happen at the same mahurat. Yudi says you didn’t tell us, as you was scared that we will not agree.

Vedika says may be, and tells that Saavi will prove to be auspicious for them. Dimpy says car stopped on the way and then they came in Chattriprasad. Vedika asks them to accept Saavi. Yudi asks her to call her as Amma ji and says their relation of friendship and mother-daughter relation is broken. Nityam tells Vedika that he never saw them fighting and today Yudi became Amma ji.

He says I hope your trust on Saavi is right. Vedika says she is sure and trusts Saavi, says she will overcome any problem, she is my bahu. Tashu is taking Saavi to Nityam’s room and recalls his words. Tashu opens the door and asks her to come inside. Saavi enters the room and sees the decoration in the room.

Tashu says I got this room décor done according to Sonam’s taste, and says if you don’t like anything then I will get it changed. She says Giridhar will bring your bags. She sees Sonam and Nityam’s name written on bed with flower petals and moves it. She apologizes to Saavi and goes.

Nutan comes to Sonam and says I let you stay here due to Ratna, but our mother-daughter relation is over, we will stay here as a strangers. She says if you stay like this, then can never be happy. I feel ashamed that you are my daughter. Sonam sees Saavi and her photoframe and says you have snatched everything from me, it was mine, Maa has broken relation with me today. She curses that Saavi will never be happy in that house.

Nityam comes to the room and sees Saavi standing. He says welcome, shall I get champagne for you and says I brought exclusive bottle from London and what could be bigger day than this for you. Saavi says for me. Nityam asks if you are that kind of girl, who says that she doesn’t drink. He says how you will celebrate then? Saavi asks for what? Nityam says celebration to become Mrs.

Dalmia and to divide my house. He says Sonam has topped in MBA, but you have topped in cheat and betrayal and took your sister’s place in this house with a planning. Saavi says you are accusing me big, Sonam didi and you couldn’t get married, as your kundali was not matching with her and matched with me. She says I didn’t know that our kundalis are rare. Nityam says you knew about this and thought to use it at right time.

Saavi says no. Nityam says you knew that my family will not accept auto wali and tells that Sonam was perfect life partner for him. He says she exposed this kundali matter when few hours were left for marriage and that’s why his mother made her as her bahu. He says slowly you was making a place in my mother’s house with a planning, and says I wish I could have understand your clever mind before so that I can expose you.

Saavi says wow, you shall get an award for the fictional story, where you made yourself great and made me villain, to hide your mistake. She says first you agreed for marriage and then blaming me. She says we are here in this room, due to your consent. Nityam asks if I agreed first and asks her to come out of her dreams. Saavi thinks if Vedika aunty betrayed her and lied that Mr. Dalmia has agreed for marriage.


Saavi Ki Savaari 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saavi is leaving from the house. Vedika asks where are you going without telling me. Saavi says she is leaving the house. Vedika asks what did Nityam tell you? Nityam tells Saavi that he will never accept her as his wife. Saavi tells Vedika that she has lied to her, and just thought about her son’s happiness. Vedika says I was helpless, I was not just worried about his happiness, but about his life. The diya sets off in the house.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
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