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Saavi Ki Savaari 13th October 2022 Episode starts with Nityam and Saavi sitting in Chattriprasad. The media comes there and asks Nityam if he wants to recreate that romantic rainy night.

The neighbor tells Sonam that just education is not sufficient, she should have kept 16 Mondays fast. Other neighbor tells that Saavi has snatched Sonam’s destiny. An old neighbor Jamuna Kaki comes and the other ladies that Saavi got what was destined for her, and supports her.

Nutan thanks Jamuna kaki and tells that Saavi took the rounds for both families’ betterment. She asks them to pray that Sonam shall get a life partner like Nityam. Sonam goes inside the room and recalls Dimpy and neighbors’s provocative words. Nutan asks Sonam to open the door and says I know that so much have happened due to us, and says we would have done a big mistake and you would have married Nityam if we haven’t known about Kundali.

She asks her to fulfill the duty of an elder sister, and tells that Saavi was not ready to become Mrs. Dalmia, and tells that she shall guide her. Ratna says it is very difficult to get out of the trauma. Ananya says Sonam didi will be fine, as she has her birthday in 2 days and Dalmias might throw party for her.

Nutan recalls and asks Ratna if Sonam was aware that it was Saavi’s birthday then, then why she didn’t tell anyone and made everyone believe that it is her birthday that day. She says Sonam knew that the matched kundali was of Saavi and not of her.

Vedika and others are waiting for Nityam and Saavi, and tells that their phones are off. Kiran says they took other route due to media. Tashu comes there with Yudi and Dada ji. Tashu tells that their car stopped on the way and Nityam told them wrong direction. Vedika says he would have asked Saavi’s help.

Yudi says Nityam doesn’t like Saavi. Vedika says Yudi. Dimpy taunts seeing Nityam and Saavi coming in Chattriprasad and taunts. Saavi and Nityam get down the auto. Vedika looks on. Nutan tells Ratna that Sonam was behaving as if it was her birthday, and she had wiped her name from the cake and she didn’t want them to go to Dalmia house,

but they went as Vedika called her. She says why Sonam did this. Ratna says Sonam took kundalis to Mahant ji. She puts all blame on Sonam and says she did what we can’t think of, and says she didn’t want kundali pujan, and says this means she had burnt the kundalis. She knocks on the door asking Sonam to come out. Sonam comes out. Nutan asks did you change your kundali with Saavi’s kundali, if this is truth? Ratna asks Sonam to say why did she do such a big sin.

The reporter asks Nityam why did he get engage to one sister and got married to another. He asks how is Sonam after this marriage, and asks if he had planned to do it. The reporter asks if this is your strategy for something, and tells that his office peon is also graduate, asks if his marriage with auto driver is some stunt or his business strategy. Nityam calls someone and asks him to stop the news channel telecast. He says now there is no question left and says good bye.

Nutan asks Sonam if you have changed the kundali and gave wrong kundali to Mahant ji. She asks did you betray all of us and tried to snatched Saavi’s destiny. Sonam says it was all lie, and says I did this and changed the kundali to get rid of bank manager alliance. She says I didn’t know that saavi’s kundali will match with Nityam,

and says it is all my destiny. Nutan says it is Saavi’s destiny. She says I know you well, you have greed in yourself and you cheated your sister, who has done so much for you. Sonam says she got the reward for her sacrifice and became Mrs. Nityam Dalmia. Nutan says Saavi got Nityam ji as life partner as Saavi’s destiny is written with her good karma

. Sonam says and with mother’s blessings also which I never got. Nutan says I always ignored your mistakes and says you are guilty of everyone, and you have betrayed us for our trust on you. Ratna asks Nutan to forget it and forgive Sonam. Nutan says never. She says she will punish her. She says Sonam has so much problem with our poverty, so I will throw her out of house.

Vedika tells that Yudi and Dimpy will welcome her bahu. She asks them to come, and says my bahu will not wait anymore. She asks Tashu to take her videos and upload it. Yudi says I can’t stand due to my knee pain and asks Dada ji to come. Vedika says just 2 mins. Yudi says you shall do it. Dimpy refuses to do aarti citing she has to take off the make up. Himesh says even I have to go to take off her make up.

Vedika asks Tashu if she will also go. Yudi asks Tashu to come and apply balm to her. Nityam asks everyone to stop and says I know that everyone’s problem is this marriage, as the marriage haven’t happened as we wanted.

He says we had many expectations from this marriage. He says his mother has taken a decision to bring her choice of bahu so everyone shall support her. Yudi, Dimpy and then Vedika do Saavi’s aarti. Vedika asks Saavi to step inside her new house. Saavi kicks kalash and walks inside while Nutan throws Sonam out of the house.


Saavi Ki Savaari 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nityam tells Saavi that auto wali can’t be his wife. Saavi says I agreed as you have agreed. Nityam says I didn’t agree with my wish. Saavi thinks Vedika aunty lied and betrayed me.

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Telecast Date:13th October 2022
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