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Saavi Ki Savaari 12th October 2022 Episode starts with Nutan explaining Saavi about the bidaai ritual for the prosperity of the house and to express her gratitude for the family. Ratna tells Brijesh that they will have scarcity of food once Saavi leaves. Brijesh tells that Saavi has sacrificed so much for us. Saavi comes to him.

Brijesh asks him to enter her married life happily, says he will miss her much but will be connected through phone call. He asks her to enter her new life happily and says we will handle ourselves. Saavi asks what about your cold drink? Brijesh says I will not drink. Saavi asks Nutan to call her,

if she has any work. She says I am daughter of the house always, and my responsibility will never ends for you all. She asks her to go on a walk and asks her to take the money from the steel box kept in the kitchen. Nutan asks her to concentrate on her bidaai. She hugs her. She then hugs Sonam and thanks her for coming.

Sonam asks did you tell anyone about Shiv. Saavi says no. Saavi then hugs Ratna and Ananya, and asks the latter not to make more videos and rather concentrate on studies. She starts walking. Brijesh asks if Saavi ki Sawari is going. Saavi says in full speed, Mama ji and cries. Dimpy asks the mechanic,

if he can’t do the work properly. Himesh asks what we will do by getting the car malfunctioned. Dimpy says if start is bad, then everything is bad. She tells that she wants to ruin Nityam and Saavi’s married life. Saavi throws the rice grains from over her head as per the bidaai rasam.

She then comes to Chattriprasad and hugs it. Brijesh asks Saavi not to worry about Chattriprasad and says he will ask his friend to take it to hanuman gali. Saavi says its suspension needs to be repaired, asks him to take it slowly on speed breaker. She bids adieu to everyone and looks at Nityam.

Vedika makes her sit in the car. Nityam and Saavi leave in the car. Vedika hugs Nutan. Nutan cries. Vedika smiles. Nutan also smiles. Nityam removes his turban and garland, and recalls Mahant ji’s words. He recalls media’s take on his marriage and asks driver to stop the car. He gets down and sits on the front seat.

Saavi looks at him as he increases the AC volume, and covers herself. Nityam calls Kiran and asks why media is after me. Kiran says I have directed the driver to take you from other way and media will not know the way. Vedika asks Dimpy to ask the staff if grah pravesh arrangements are done. Dimpy says everything was arranged, but nobody was ready for this bride. Vedika says everything will be good with Nityam.

Nityam’s car stops on the due to Dimpy’s conspiracy. Driver tells Nityam that he will get help from someone and goes. Saavi gets down and tells that he will not come, as he was scared and ran away from you, and might have switched off his phone. Nityam says now you have done PhD in psychology.

He calls driver and his number is switched off. Tashu asks Yudi if she shall play the song. Yudi is upset with the bride swapping. Nityam calls Tashu and tells that bhai and bhabhi are stuck on the way, as his car stopped on the way. She asks Nityam to send the location. Nityam says net is slow.

Yudi says now Saavi will come with us. Dadi ji says kids are stuck there. Nityam tells the wrong direction to Tashu, though Saavi tries to help. Saavi is about to call. Nityam says I know you are calling my Maa. Saavi says I am not calling her, she will get tension.

Ratna, Nutan, Sonam and others return home. The driver stops the car outside the hanuman gali. Ratna says they would have send us in their car, but you both refused. She says I would have asked Sonam’s mother in law to…Brijesh says she is Saavi’s mother in law. The people gossip about Saavi stepping in Sonam’s place.

Nityam tells that Tashvi has come. Just then an auto driver Raju brings Chattriprasad there. Raju says I got your call and came here. Saavi asks Nityam to come. Nityam says how you can think that I will sit in this Chattriprasad. Saavi says I didn’t have any option. Nityam says I will wait for Tashu and has given her exact direction.

Tashu tells that they have followed the direction and reached the dead end. She says Dada ji is asking you to ask Bhabhi for direction. Nityam asks her to ask Dada ji not to worry, they found a way to reach home.

He asks them to go home and that they will come. He asks Saavi to come. Saavi thinks Chattriprasad is her supporter in this dark night. They sit in the auto. Media comes there and asks if they got closer in that rainy night and that made Nityam changed his bride. The neighbor sympathizes with Sonam and instigates her against Saavi.


Saavi Ki Savaari 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonam is angry and locks herself in room. Nutan knocks on the door. Ananya says everything will be fine in 2 days, and tells that Sonam’s birthday is after 2 days. Vedika asks Yudi and Dimpy to do her bahu’s aarti. Yudi is upset with the marriage and goes. Vedika gets sad. Nutan asks Sonam if she had changed her kundali with Saavi’s kundali.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
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