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Saavi Ki Savaari 11th October 2022 Episode starts with Nityam and Saavi are seated for marriage, while vedika misses her eldest son. Shivam hides behind the well. Vedika comes near the well and says Pandit ji said that Bittu shall be blessed by his family. She thinks this wind will take your love to your brother.

She turns and throws the flowers above her head, and it falls in Shivam’s hands. Vedika turns and looks behind, but doesn’t see Shivam. Shivam thinks why I felt Maa’s love, and turns, but doesn’t see her.

He says I am yearning for your love, Maa. He tells that the person marrying Saavi is very lucky and says he shall understand her qualities and her stubbornness to handle every relations, and says she will fulfill everything. He says elder brother’s blessings will be with Saavi and her husband always.

The reporter asks Vedika why did her bahu was swapped at the last moment. Other reporter says all rasams with Sonam and the marriage with her sister. Vedika gets worried and thinks to talk to Dimpy about Sonam. She calls Dimpy and says I need to talk about Sonam. Dimpy says I will come.

Sonam thinks she has no future with Shiv and thinks she will make sure that her tomorrow will be better than this snatched today, and everyone will see this. Dimpy comes to Sonam and says I came here to pick you to take you to see wedding. She says ex bride is escaping. Sonam says excuse me. Dimpy says today topper Sonam Goel got defeated from her auto wali real sister.

She asks her to see Nityam and Saavi taking rounds. Nityam and Saavi take round around the holy fire. Nityam recalls his words that he don’t want his name to get connected with her. Mahant ji tells that relations are not the victory and defeat, but it is the union of 7 rounds. Nutan, Brijesh, Vedika, Dada ji and others shower flower petals on them.

The reporters tell that Nityam Dalmia has married his fiancé’s sister Saavi Goel. Other reporter Saavi Goel is the winner of auto race, but she has received the big reward now. Kiran tells the reporters that the press conference is called off and asks them to have food before leaving.

Dimpy instigates Sonam against Saavi and asks her to run away from there. Sonam asks her to be quiet. Dimpy asks herself not to interfere in others’ matter. She says you will make me quiet, but how you will make yourself quiet, as your rights are snatched from you. She says I thought you are like me and asks her to fight for the sindoor which is getting filled in Saavi’s maang. Nityam fills sindoor in Saavi’s maang. Mahant ji tells about the importance of sindoor and asks them to respect it always, by becoming good life partners. Saavi and Nityam looks on sad.

Dimpy tells Sonam that Nityam’s perfect life partner is you and not that Saavi. She says Nityam had given you a position in his company and also a cabin. She asks if auto wali will handle Dalmia’s surname burden. She says it is never too late and asks her to unburden this burden from Saavi’s head. She says we can break Nityam and Saavi’s marriage together and asks if she accepts this deal. Nityam makes Saavi wear the mangalsutra. Sonam starts walking and then stops. She accepts Dimpy’s deal and shakes hand with her.

Mahant ji says they shall walk together, needs patience to overcome each other flaws. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Mahant ji says Nityam and Saavi are married and are husband and wife from today, and new chapter of their lives begins now. Dimpy and Sonam coming there.

Saavi and Nityam gets up from the mandap and come to Mahant ji. They take Mahant ji’s blessings. Mahant ji blesses them and says your life begins now, where many troubles will come in your way. She asks them to handle their relations with patience, then only they will become true life partners.

Vedika asks Nutan if they can start the bidaai rituals. Ananya says Sonam didi haven’t come till now. Saavi says Sonam didi. She gets teary eyes and smiles, saying didi has come. Sonam comes to Nityam and Saavi and congratulate them for their marriage. Nityam and Saavi are surprised. Vedika looks at Sonam and smiles. Sonam smiles. Vedika asks Tashu to take everyone to car for bidaai. Tashu says ok. Vedika comes to Sonam and thanks her for coming there.

She says I know that today’s day didn’t end like we wanted and says whatever happens is for a reason, and says very soon when we remember this day, we will have a smile on our faces. She says you will get a good life partner and my blessings are with you always. Sonam thanks her. Vedika thanks Dimpy for bringing Sonam there. Dimpy thinks she will not let the fire set off. Vedika hugs her. Sonam thinks she will take revenge soon for this insult and loss.


Saavi Ki Savaari 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Nityam and Saavi are standing on the road. Saavi recalls Mahant ji’s words. Nityam looks on.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2022
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