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Saavi Ki Savaari 10th October 2022 Episode starts with Nityam asking Vedika what she was taking about promise. Vedika says you will not marry Sonam, but will marry her younger sister Saavi. Nityam says Saavi Goel.

Vedika says I had talked to Bade Mahant ji and took this decision. Nityam says no reason will force me to marry her. He says I am ready to lose everything, but will not marry Saavi. Vedika asks are you ready to lose your mother too? She says you have lost your father and brother already, and asks if will lose me also.

She says I am not saying that I will jump in well and die, no, but I won’t be alive. He asks why you are saying this. Vedika says your and saavi’s kundali match with each other’s kundali, and says Saavi will shield his problems, and will relieve all your pain. She says if you don’t marry her, then your name, fame and life will be ruined.

She says your life can be in danger, and you can die and if this happens then you will see my death face. Nityam keeps his hand on her mouth and nods yes. Vedika says my Bittu and hugs him. Nityam gets teary eyes. Saavi is getting ready for marriage.

Yudi gets call from Vedika. Dada ji asks her, what Vedika said, why she took Nityam with her. Yudi says Nityam will not marry Sonam, but her younger sister Saavi. Dimpy asks what? That auto wali and asks if Chattriprasad will stay outside Dalmia mansion. Himesh also argues. Dada ji asks them to calm down.

Yudi says Vedika has taken this decision alone. Tashvi asks if Bhai agreed, and says she will talk to him. Yudi asks her to stop. Dimpy gets thinking and thinks this is good chance to see Nityam’s destruction.

Shivam hears the news in the shop that the bride is changed in big fat wedding happening in Malwa Resort. He gets happy and says Saavi has fulfilled her promise, and stopped Sona’s marriage. He dances happily.

Dimpy comes to Sonam and says I am so sorry, whatever happened outside. She tells that mahurat is coming for Nityam and Saavi’s marriage. Ratna says we know and Sonam will come. Dimpy says it doesn’t matter if Sonam comes or not, and says she has come to take the ancestral jewellery worn by Sonam, says Vedika sent her to get it.

Saavi asks Ananya if Sonam di came. Ananya says Papa talked to Maa, she has to leave Sonam di and come. Saavi says Sonam di shall not be alone. Nutan says Ratna has to come to do kanyadaan with Brijesh and has to leave Sonam.

Dimpy takes off the jewellery from Sonam, while Nutan and Ananya make Saavi wear the jewellery. Sonam and Ratna cries. Nutan makes Saavi wear the bridal wear. Dimpy tells Sonam that she deserves to be Mrs. Nityam Dalmia and not her.

Sonam tells Ratna that she was right to ask her not to play with her destiny and cries. Tashvi tells Nityam that his employees doesn’t know how to handle the media, due to the breaking news. Nityam asks what breaking news? Tashvi says you are marrying an auto girl and not MBA topper. Ratna does Nityam’s aarti. Nityam folds his hands and comes to Bade Mahant ji. He takes his blessings.

Bade Mahant ji tells that he understands his dilemma and says it is not easy to understand Mahadev’s doings. He asks Vedika to call the bride. Vedika says she is coming. Nutan, Ananya and others bring Saavi holding the flower mesh mandap. Saavi comes to Bade Mahant ji and touches his feet. Mahant ji asks Vedika to do ghatbandhan of the bride and groom. Vedika takes them to the mandap.

Nutan tells her family that Bade Mahant ji has changed everyone’s perception and making Vedika tie the ghatbandhan. Mahant ji says from today, your married life begins, and says you both need patience. He says Saiyam comes from Saavi and Nityam. Saavi and Nityam exchange the garlands. Media covers their marriage and says this is the first glimpse of Mrs. And Mr. Dalmia.

Sonam watches the live video in her mobile and throws it angrily. Shivam comes there and tells that she didn’t marry, so he has no complains with her. He says he will clear his name soon from that case, and will ask for her hand for marriage. He tells Sonam to tell saavi that her Majnu bhaiyya blessing her for happy married life. Mahant ji says once this ghatbandhan is tied, nobody can open it.


Saavi Ki Savaari 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saavi and Nityam take the rounds. Dimpy instigates Sonam against Saavi and tells that Saavi has snatched her rights and they shall break their marriage. Sonam shakes hand with her. Mahant ji says Nityam and Saavi’s married life’s new chapter begins.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
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