Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th May 2022 Suhani laughs out loud. Sarika with Shreya walks to her and asks why is she laughing. Suhani says she is very happy with Gehna’s arrest and asks why they both don’t look happy with Gehna’s arrest as she sent their husbands to jail. Shreya says she cannot express her anger and frustration in words and says Gehna separated her from her husband.

Suhani says she can understand what Shreya is going through as she has always been an ideal daughter-in-law and never disobeyed with her like Gehna, but in return she just got pain because of Gehna. She hugs them and asks them to gather evidence against Gehna and make sure Gehna doesn’t get out of jail forever After some time, Shreya enters her room and picks a pendrive from her secret hideout and thinks she already collected proof.

Inspector interrogates Gehna and sasy he needs to investigate her case more. Gehna asks if he has proof to prove that she poisoned Surya. He says the poison bottle has her fingerprint. She says he does he have any testimonials. He says she wanted to take revenge on Sikandar and hence did all this to trap him.

She says she helped his department by getting a dreaded criminal Sikandar arrested and as a lawyer, she understands law very well. Suhani walks in and say she wants to file a case against Gehna for attempting to murder Surya. She says Gehna is a lawyer and can try to ruin the evidence, so she wants police to arrest Gehna immediately. Inspector puts Gehna behind the bars.

Constable informs Gehna that she got a bail. Gehna asks who bailed her out and rushes out to check. Shreya meets her and reveals she bailed her out. She asks her how did she bail her out Shreya shows her a CCTV footage which proves Gehna’s innocence. Gehna asks who poisoned Surya then. Shreya reveals it’s her. Gehna in shock asks reason.

Surya fails to get a lawyer to bail out Gehna and asks Sarika to arrange a lawyer. Sarika says her husband is in jail because of Gehna, Gehna herself is a lawyer and can fight her own case. Suhani asks him to accept that Gehna tried to kill him. He denies to accept it and says Gehna saved his life and took care of him, she is important to him like Suhani, etc.

Gehna asks Shreya to stop crying and reveal why she poisoned Surya. Shreya reveals that she was forced by Sikandar to poison Surya and describes how Sikandar blackmailed her in exchange of her son Kartik. She tells Gehna that she is ready for the punishment. Gehna consoles her and says did nothing wrong and the culprit Sikandar is already behind bars.

Suhani tries to sleep on sofa when Gehna returns home silently and taunts her that she is sleeping peacefully aftr sending her DIL to jail. .

Suhani gets tensed hearing her voice and gathers family. Family comforts her and asks her to go and rest. Gehna enters from the pain door. Suhani acts as happy in front of Surya, hugs her saying she is happy to see her back, and murmurs how did she come out of jail. Gehna taunts she failed Suhani’s conspiracy and came out of jail. Surya says knew from before that Gehna is innocent. Gehna hugs everyone.

After sometime, Surya decorates room for Gehna. Gehna gets out of washroom after a bathe and is surprised to see the decorations.

Kyunki Tum Hi Ho.. song plays in the background. He gives a flower bouquet. She thanks him and asks if he took medicine. He says how could he when his doctor Gehna wasn’t with him. She gets emotional, then gives him medicine, and says first he should have medicine and then romance.


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Telecast Date:5th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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