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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th June 2022 Gehna disguised as a journalist searches Sikandar’s office cabin. She is shocked to find Sahukar’s visiting card there. Surya walks to her and asks what is she doing here. She says she is searching proof of her innocence and shows him Sahukar’s shop ID card.

He says that means keys are in the cabin itself. They both search for keys. They then hear Sikandar scolding his employee and heading towards cabin and hide under the cabinet. Sikandar enters his cabin and thinks if someone came here. He calls receptionist and asks if someone came in his absence.

She says maybe an journalist who came to interview him. He asks if she took lady’s ID card. She says no. He scolds her for being careless and threatens to kick her out of job. Receptionist pleads him not to do that.

He notices cabinet keys and asks why the cupboard is not locked. An employee informs him about the issue created by his factory’s union leader and he leaves locking the cabinet and keeping the keys in his desk drawer.

Ridhima imagines romancing Surya/Agastya. Suhani wakes her up and asks if she is lost in Surya’s thoughts. Ridhima asks how does she know. Suhani says by looking at her eyes and reminds her that she needs to lure Surya, get into his life, and kick Gehna out of Surya’s life.

She says she will get a lot of money is he succeeds in her plan and informs that she arranged her dinner date with Surya tonight. Ridhima thinks Suhani is right that she came here to earn money and not fall in love.

Surya locked in the cabinet with Gehna asks her what will they do now. Gehna calls Shreya and informs her that she is stuck inside Sikandar’s office cabinet. Shreya who is with Shakuni lies to her that her mother’s cat got stuck in a cabinet, so she will go and check.

Shakuni says her mom is in Gujrat, so she can call and ask her mother to open the cabinet. Shreya says they can pray for the cat at least and says pandit finds best alliances, so she can consult Pandit for her alliance. Excited Shakuni meets Pandit while Shreya silently leaves.

Shreya then reaches Sikandar’s office and gets Genha and Surya out of the cabinet. Gehna asks her to keep the keys back in the drawer. Sjreya asks them to wait while she checks outside. She notices Sikandar returning towards his cabin and asks them to hide in the bathroom. They hide.

Sikandar enters cabin and asks Shreya what is she doing here. Shakuni returns home and informs Suhani that Shreya tricked her and escaped, she thinks Shreya went to Gujrat to save her cat. Suhani gets confused, calls Sikandar, and informs that Shreya tricked Shakuni and went to meet Gehna.

Sikandar says Shreya is with him and disconnects call. Sikandar asks Shreya why is she here, what is her plan. She nervously says she came to discuss about bringing Karthik back home from boarding school. Sikandar asks if she is conspiring against him with Gehna’s support. She says she just came to discuss about bring Karthik back. He says he needs Suhani’s permission for that and shouts her to leave. She leaves.

Sikandar then gets out of his cabin. Gehna and Surya try to get out of bathroom, but hide seeing Sikandar returning. Rceptionist drops soup on Sikandar. Sikandar kicks her out of job and returns to his cabin bathroom to clean himself. Surya and Gehna hide behind shower curtains. Key from Sikandar’s pocket falls down while he cleans himself.

he picks key, keeps it in a locker, and leaves. Gehna and Surya try to open the locker with multiple clues, finally succeed to open the locker, and get key from it. Gehna tells Surya that she got the proof of her innocence. Surya says even Sikandar will be out of the house today. They both leave from there.

Suhani makes a candle light dinner arrangments for Ridhima and Surya in the garden and asks Ridhima to lie to Surya that its her birthday and lure him in lieu of celebrating it. Surya with Gehna returns home.

Ridhima hugs him from behind and is shocked to see someone else, asks who is he. Suhani walks to Surya and asks why did he bring Gehna back home. Ridhima thinks if he is Surya, then who came home last night. Surya shows locker duplicate key and says Sikandar is the culprit and not Gehna, hence Sikandar will go out of the house and not Gehna.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna requests Surya to accept Urmila as his mother. Surya says he already has a mother and will not give that place to any other woman. Suhani smirks hearing that.

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Telecast Date:29th June 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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