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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th October 2021 Gehna reaches advocate Siya Srivastav’s office and is shocked to see Siddharth/Anant’s friend as Siya. She remembers fighting with her and requests to forget their differences and help her prove Anant innocent. At Desai house, Siddharth tells Desai that they look weak, so he will treat them; he is a famous doctor and seeing their poor condition,

he will give discount and they can pay 2500 rs per session. Pankaj says they are fine and can’t pay him money. Siddharth asks if his sons don’t work and are waste bodies. Chetan says he used to work in a bank and Pankaj had a bakery, but are not getting any job after Anant’s incident. Siddharth calls his friend seeking a job for them and says if they search a job stopping lazing around, they will definitely get it. Pankaj says his sons are not lazy.

Siddharth asks where is his real patient Gehna. Pankaj says she has gone to meet advocate Siya Srivastav. Siya agrees to fight Anant’s case. Siddharth calls her and asks her to to say no as he doesn’t want Gehna to get thinks easily and wants her to struggle a bit. Gehna thanks Siya for accepting case. Siya says she didn’t say yes yet and can’t fight a losing case. Gehna pleads. Siya asks her to give her one valid reason within 3 hours to fight this flop case which is against Anant’s favor.

Gehna returns home. Baa asks if lawyer agreed to fight Anant’s case. Gehna with teary eyes says no as lawyer is Dr. Siddharth’s fiance and gave her 3 hours to give her one valid reason to fight. Siddharth enters and acting as shocked says Gehna looks so ugly and shocked him, asks if family cannot have a normal chat than having a tragic drama always. Everyone walk away. Gehna walks towards Siddharth and slips.

He holds her. She gets lost in his eyes. He asks if she watches 90s films that she drops her pallu and slips to make him hold her and fall in her love. She asks him to leave her. She leaves, and she falls down. He gets up and asks him to convince his fiance to fight Anant’s case. He says he heard she is studying law, but couldn’t convince Siya. She thinks she knows what to do now. Siddharth says he has a free health camp today and will late today, so he may not checkup her family today.

Siya waits for Gehna and thinks only half and hour is left out of 3 hours, Anant put her in a tough situation. Gehna enters wearing lawyer’s attire and giving her case files says Anant went into opposite side of tunnel and saved the city from bomb blast, his colleagues will give evidence of his honesty, this is biggest evidence of his innocence. She gives documents found in Anant’s room and says this is also an evidence of his innocence. Siya impressed claps and says she will fight her case.

Gehna emotionally thanks her. She asks her to go home and let her complete legal formalities. Once Gehna leaves, she calls Anant and informs him that Gehna impressed her with her evidences and asks if his plan is working. Anant informs that he informed whole family about his free health checkup so that traitor at home could inform Kumar about it and will reach there for sure, Kumar is planning something big and they need to find out about it. Gehna at home holding Anant’s photo promises to free him.

Next morning, at health camp, officer asks Anant if his plan will work and professor Kumar will come here. Anant says professor and Sagar will definitely come here. Kumar and Sagar enter wearing burqas. Anant noticing their shoes thinks prey fell in a trap. After court hearing, Siya says this is just a beginning and soon they will win.

Opponent lawyer walks to them and says its not easy to win as one evidence is not enough to prove Anant innocent. Gehna gives him a long moral gyaan, and he walks away. Siya thinks Anant didn’t call her since morning and calls him. Kumar and Sagar point gun at Siddharth and kidnap him. Siddharth asks what did he do. They drive him away in a car. Gehna feels nervous.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kumar asks Siddharth to meet his girlfriend whom he is eager to meet. A woman walks in covering her face. Anant identifies her as Gehna.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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