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Rishton Ka Manjha 8th October 2021 Arjit says he will keep saying anything? Accuse us. His mom says did you call us here to insult us? Arjun says it’s your fault uncle. You wanted to get married and chose him for Diya. Diya says enough Arjun. I trust my dad and no one can question him. He can’t think bad for me.

THis is your misunderstanding. You’re accusing. He says this is reality that your dad doesn’t want to see. Kaki says call the police. This guy keeps creating drama in this house. Call his mom to make her see how he keep running after Diya. I know he came to house that day too. Arjit’s mom says so much was going on with him. Kaki says made a circus of wedding. arjun says say what you want but I won’t let Diya marry this guy.

Scene 2
Amitabh says I won’t listen to anything. There are so many guests. We will become a joke. Sanjev says you made a joke of Tina and me. Maadhuri says that girl has provoked my son. She has emotionally blackmailed my son. I will go to her place right now. Tina says no aunty. I will go there. I told you I won’t let Arjun go near badminton and away from you. Let me keep my promise. She leaves. Niharika says I should also go with her. Amitabh says go with her.

Scene 3
Diya says you think you can question my dad? You said if no one helps me playng badminton Arjit would. And he did. Arjit is what Arjun saying right? He is silent. Diya says tell me Arjun. arjun says you have no seen his real face. He won’t let you be free. Let me call the police. Then you will know his reality. Mira says stop it please. We have suffered a lot because of you already. Her life is being ruined because of you. Please go away from my daughter’s life. Go to your wedding. Diya is our responsibility. You go please.

Scene 4
Tina and Niharika leave. The media is outside. They say where is she going in such a hurry in bridal dress? Let’s see what’s the breaking news now.

Mira says let me call the police. Diya’s dad says stop mira. All my life I tried to make Diya’s life and I found a good guy for her. But was my decision wrong? Was it my misunderstanding. I want to know if my decision is right or now. Arjun is right. Character shows a man’s reality. I also have a doubt now.

I want to clear it right now. Diya’s brother says you trust this guy over us? And you will question our brother? Kaka says have you gone crazy? Your daughter is a bride. She is ready to marry. There’s no room to question and investigate now on a stranger asking. This baraat will leave and no one will marry her.

Tina and Niharika are on their way. Nikahrika says chill please. She says I can’t. She asks the driver to stop the car and drives herself.

Diya’s dad says I trust Arjit too but knowing the truth is my right. I can’t go ahead. It’s about Diya’s life. How can I marry her off without knowing the truth? A woman says the problem is not with Arjit but your daughter. Sadhna saw your daughter roaming around with this guy in a car with Arjun. Why was she with a guy in this car? What’s their relationship? Ask her? Arjun says yes there’s a relationship between me and Diya. I feel no shame in talking about it. There is only love between us. It’s not dependent on money or anything. Everyone is shocked.

Tina is on her way. She drives fast in anger. Niharika says careful please. Arjun says we have love for badminton between us. As only a friend I want to see her fulfill her dreaming. I want to see her fulfill her dad’s dreams. I came here leaving my wedding so I can take her for the match. So I can talk to Diya’s to be husband and tell him Diya needs his support. But after coming here I got to know Diya needed her dad’s support not her husband’s. So uncle..

I request you. Please try to understand. Her life is based on your one decision. Please cancel this wedding. Arjit says enough. You’ve done enough drama. Get out of here. You have said enough. I have heard enough. Get out. I will see who stops this wedding. Arjit says I won’t go anywhere until you leave. Arjit says you don’t know my power. Arjun says I will see that. Get out of here and Diya’s life. Forever.

Arjit says I will do this wedding and won’t go anywhere. I’ve tried enough for this girl. I won’t let her go. Hey mohan.. Are you hearing? Your Diya is only mine. Mohan is shocked.

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Telecast Date:8th October 2021
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